faux rook

Faux Rook Piercing…

A few weeks ago now I was feeling spontaneous and I had afternoon free so decided to go and get a piercing done. I went with the idea of having a Rook piercing done and went to trusted local piercing shop where I got my Tragus and bellybutton pierced a few years ago. I really like this particular shop as its a really clean and sterile environment and the piercer is really good at making you feel really comfortable and helps you understand what exactly he’s going to do.

After speaking with the lovely man who was going to do the deed, we decided that my rook is really small so you wouldn’t really be able to see the piercing as it would become tucked away in the corner of my ear. Instead he suggested I looked at faux rook piercings and he began to show me lots of different photos of ones he had previously done himself. I really liked the fact that me and the piercer could work together to make sure that the piercing would look correct on my ears anatomy, instead of just going ahead with a rook piercing that would end up being really hidden. The piercing itself didn’t really hurt and I really love the look of the piercing and it matches so well with my Tragus and fact that this piercing is more unique then a normal rook piercing.

Sadly I have had a few issues during the healing process. I wear glasses so for a couple of weeks I had to make sure that the back of the earing and my glasses weren’t resting on top of each other causing irritation. With a piercing like this during the healing process you’re really no supposed to sleep on it, as it causes irritations and swelling. Being the part sloth that I am I ended up sleeping on that side of my head one night causing my ear to swallow up the back of the labret stud!!! (Ewww). It was pretty gross and full of pus, and to make things worse I was going on holiday the next day so couldn’t go into the shop to get it fixed up. I gave the piercing shop a call and they told me to keep it clean and take ibuprofen to reduce the swelling. Luckily all the swelling went down and once back from holiday I went back to the shop and they happily sorted it out by putting a larger bar into my ear to help with any more swelling.

I really love the final look of my faux rook it’s so pretty and looks great when I wear my hair up. I can’t wait for it to be fully healed so I can change up the jewellery as you can get some really cool labret studs.

Thanks for Reading

Little Mayfly x

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