Bluebell Wood…

Today me and the family went on one of my favourite walks ever! It’s a bit of a sentimental one as my Nan used to love going to see the bluebells. I love this walk so much because it’s one you can only ever do once a year as there is only a short gap whilst the bluebells are all out and looking their best! 

The whole wood is completely coved in hundreds of bluebells and it’s just the mostprettiest thing ever! It also smells so lush! It’s a sea of purple and blue…


I also happened to wear my brand new yellow raincoat which I am so in love with! I’ve always wanted one and crumbled when student finance dropped a few weeks ago!! I also happened to blend in perfectly with the surrounding oil seed rape fields. Can you spot me??

I also cracked out my Polaroid camera for the first time in a while and took these little beauty’s…

Thanks for reading 

Little Mayfly x 

24 thoughts on “Bluebell Wood…

  1. Those flowers are seriously breathtaking. I love the scenery so much. The photo of you among those yellow flowers is especially stunning. ❀
    Also I wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do the Blue Sky Tag!
    ~Love Mew xx

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