Getting an ‘Adult’ job…

You would think that getting a decent adult job would be easy! How wrong was I! It does not help my cause that I have no bloody clue what I want to do! And I did a degree and have interests (not anything really interests me at the moment) in things that are not included in your conventional 9-5 office job. And the thought of being in an office all day drives me mad! I have applied for so many jobs over the past few weeks with only one getting back to me.

So tomorrow I start a bar job in my tiny town that I don’t want (I feel pretty crap about the whole situation if I am honest!) But I need an income and money to live! I knew I wasn’t going to fall straight out of university into a job but it’s really starting getting to me!  I just want something that is vaguely creative it doesn’t even have to be dance specific.  I’ve done waitressing and being a shop assistant in my teens and it may sound big headed but I am so much better than those jobs.

Everyone I speak to tells me ‘Oh something will come along when you least expect it’. Well that better come along soon I’m already bored of waiting!!

Thank for reading.

Little Mayfly x


19 thoughts on “Getting an ‘Adult’ job…

  1. Somehow, I can totally relate. I was recently unemployed for four months and I have been applying more than 60 positions during that period. Mostly I applied as content writer/ writer/ editor/ copy writer and a little of admin. Only few get back to me and invited me to interview.

    At least I have a job at the moment even though it is just a contract based. For the moment, I’ll learn what I can from my current job and take it as a valuable experience for my later adventure. 😀

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    1. Yeah it’s so frustrating when you apply for so many and hear back from the bare minimum! Exactly you can only apply for so many! I guess the right one will come along soon enough! Thanks for your comment ☺️

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  2. I’ve been trying to seek jobs, and all I’ve been getting is that I need to start at the bottom, and that I should work in bars/cafés to begin with. I understand and relate to feeling like you can do better than that. Very frustrating. Though I do need the money :-/

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  3. Aww I’m bartendering too (but still in uni) and sometimes it can be so much fun! Don’t really stress over it, just keep applying for other jobs while having this one, and who knows, one day you may succeed 😀

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  4. You will definitely get one eventually..but that doesn’t mean waiting isn’t awful!!! It’s the worst! In the meantime it’s good that you know what you’re worth, and that you’ve at least got an idea of some of the things you don’t want. Xxxx

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  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Most of the “entry level” jobs I’ve looked at require at least 4 years experience, which is ridiculous! I find that interning and work experience (as much as it sucks to work for free) is really important in gaining a step up above the other people who may be applying for the same job as you!

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  6. I can relate. I’ve been a waitress on and off for 10 years and still am and I’m frustrated with it all. I have a degree but fail in office jobs due to dyslexia and atm I feel that waitressing is all I’m qualified for. Still searching for my job purpose in life and feel no closer but I can’t give up. Got to remember that one day it will fall into place

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  7. I can totally relate. However, the only difference is that I still do not have job which is sad because no matter how many times I apply for jobs, I receive constant rejection. Hopefully you’ll find something you are passionate off soon enough! 🙂

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