A Freaking Fedora…

I’ve always found that I suit hats pretty well but I always forget to wear them or can’t find any clothes that go with them! For ages now I’ve wanted to get a black fedora and this week I finally caved in and got one! After searching around I ordered one from Village Hats online (www.villagehats.com)! The delivery was really quick and it arrived within two days! The packaging was also amazing it came in a big box with a structure inside so the hat wasn’t squished in transit! The site is so good and has such a huge range of hats from wedding to every day beanie hats! 

I love it!!! It’s a bit quirky and different but I’m so in love with it!! I can’t wear it with every outfit and I think it will really come in usefull in the winter but for now it looks good with jeans or shorts and a darker top of some kind! Below are some selfies of the fedora so you can take a look… I am also loving the doubled silver rings at the moment too…

I hope you enjoy this little blog post I really enjoy trying and experimenting with different clothes and styles thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


35 thoughts on “A Freaking Fedora…

  1. That hat is so pretty and it looks great on you! I have the same problem when it comes to wearing hats, I always keep forgetting to put them on. I also love your shirt, where is it from? xx

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