Anxiety & Depression 3…

So before I begin this is the third instalment of my posts about my experience and journey with my anxiety and depression you can check the other two out here which will give you the past info so we are all on the same track… Anxiety & Depression… & Anxiety & Depression 2… )

My life has been a bit of a whirlwind ever since ending and leaving university and London and even though I am kinda confused about what to do with my life (As you guys have probs guessed from other previous posts). I’m so glad and kind of proud to report that my mental health has been for most of the time really really good! If you have read my previos posts you will know that I have been taking medication for my depression and anxiety and found it helped me get a hold of my head and feelings. In the last post I think I mentioned that I had to take the medication less often which was amazing news. But after returning to university after the Easter holidays I was sat in my room and decided that I felt like I no longer needed the help of medication. I no longer felt that I classed myself as “being depressed”. I realised that I was no longer that person (You are suppose to consult with a doctor when coming off medication, but when you know you know right??).

On the whole I had been feeling a lot more positive and happier in myself and I felt like I had a much brighter outlook on everything even though I was freaking out about life after university. It does slightly worry me that I no longer have that safety blanket of the mediation and that I could fall down the slippery again but lets not dwell on that!!

Even though I am still doing well off the medication I did have a bit of a fall back last week when the black fog of anxiety crept back in and I freaked out I doubted everything I was doing I felt paranoid and anxious about so many elements of life. But it was only a day and not a week which is such an improvement! I am just glad that I know now when my head is taking over and I just need to breathe and be calm about things and not worry what people think!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x



24 thoughts on “Anxiety & Depression 3…

  1. I am glad to hear you feel better and hope you can conquer your fears one by one.
    Do be careful of too sudden withdrawal from antidepressants.
    Gradual trapping down is often better, unless you feel totally in control.

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  2. Well done on your journey and I wish you success & happiness. Without patronising please be careful of coming off the meds quickly as it takes months for them to kick in and your body is responsive to them now hence why you feel you no longer need them. If your GP has green lighted it then that’s great however Remember the dark days approach and I would hate for you to lapse during the winter, out of your uni routine and have to start again from scratch. Although I champion a healthy mind and can see how much you have progressed in the last few years.

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  3. Awesome awareness! Glad you are finding coping and healing. Sometimes we pay so much attention to “eliminating the symptoms” vs. “managing the symptoms”. To say that symptoms are coming around less often and sticking around for less time is a WIN!

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