Polaroid 330 Land Camera…

So as you know if you follow my posts is that I love taking pictures of everything and that I also love polaroids!! I already have a Instax mini 70 Polaroid camera but don’t really like the limitations of the tiny pictures it produces! But recently I did a little bit of a gamble and bid on a Polaroid camera on eBay! With not much information given by the seller I was unsure if the camera would even work being that it is so old! But after a little research I bagged this 330 Land Camera for £20.89 including postage as it came from America! This kind of camera was produced in the 60s and 70s and is still used by photographers today. 

Now I did have to convert the battery’s over from a single Polaroid camera battery because they no longer produce it over to a AAA battery pack (which cost me a few pounds from amazon)! This was simple to do and with a wire stripper and some solder and thanks to my tech wiz of a grandad we got it working!! Also fuijifilm who create the pull out film for these types of camera have actually stopped producing it due to low selling rates but it is still available on places like amazon or eBay for around £20 per pack of 10 photos (pricey I know!!). 

I’m still getting used to the camera and the way it works and so far my pictures are coming out on the dark side but I think that was due to strong outside sunlight so I am going to have to trial it indoors or in better lighting conditions! Here are the few photos I have taken already…

I’m sure I will update you on more pictures i take once I properly get the hang of it!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 


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