Self Confidence…

Self confidence is something I think I have always struggled with from a young age and I know it is really not just me who lacks the umph! I think on meeting me you would think that I was quite a confident person but behind closed doors and away from faces I’m really not and if you follow my blog you will know I am a massive worrier (so nearly typed warrior!! Haha I wish!). I think when you doubt yourself you become good at putting on a front as if all is fine. But there are so many things I can feel self conscious about from anything small such as going somewhere new or wearing a different kind of t-shirt I’ve very often felt unconfident about the way I look or am being presented. I even had a melt down before graduation because I was worried about how I was going to be seen and judged by people.

Even now as a 20/21 year old I hear people telling me to be more confident in myself from applying to jobs I don’t think I am qualified for to my dancing. I have often been told by teachers at school or university that I just need to believe in myself but I have no clue what I am actually capable of to believe in myself?? I know I will never be the best at anything as there is always someone better, bigger or stronger then you just around the corner, but maybe I just don’t rate myself highly enough? But then again on the other hand I don’t want to seem big headed? because I think there is a thin line between being confident and big headedness and I know which one I would rather be! You often see confident people and think they are a bit of a dick because they are so sure about themselves and nobody want’s people to think that of them!!

Maybe self confidence is just the art of making other people believe you know what your doing (without being a dick)! I think I need to majorly work on this asap!!

Thanks for reading another brain fart blog post! Soon I think I’m going to have to make a section for brain fart posts there are so so many!!

Little Mayfly x



26 thoughts on “Self Confidence…

  1. It’s easier said than done, but when you start to shift your thoughts from what other think, to simply pleasing yourself, it gets easier. Focus on your goals, and developing yourself, the things that ale you happy leave less room for doubts x

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  2. I agree, but that sort of thing is definitely easier said than done! Like if you’ve had pretty much 0 self confidence for forever, it’s gonna be really hard to start to gain some!
    But great post😊

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  3. Brain fart posts 🤣 haha I like that. I think you did good on this one ☺️ I never understood why the prettiest of girls are insecure?? I guess it’s an internal thing. I’m insecure too, I can’t lie about that. But you are pretty and although I don’t know you personally, I believe you are a good person and of course everyone has flaws but acceptance is important. I struggle to accept my flaws 😒 but also remember we are young (we are about the same age) and our looks and better yet, our brains are still developing. So we just have to get through the tough times and come out a stronger thinking person!! Especially about ourselves, right? Good post thank you for sharing relatable struggles.

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  4. I worry too and think about negative things! But sometimes, I have no choice to feel confident and believe in myself. Be optimistic and have courage! Cheers!

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  5. Everyone (including myself) stress the importance of having confidence. But it’s alot easier said than done. It’s something that you have to constantly work at. If you continue to work on being confident in yourself, you will get to point where you stop questioning yourself as much as you used to. No matter where you are in your journey, you will find a time when something rocks your confidence. It’s up to you how you handle it. Not listening to naysayers and embracing your unique self is what works best for me. You will get there…trust me!

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  6. I find having self confidence hard too! I don’t want to appear cocky or rude so I find it easier to just be quieter, I hate having to ‘big myself up’ telling people good things about myself..nope no thanks! X

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  7. We completely understand how you feel. Confidence is like the wind it comes and goes but you have to keep thinking positive thoughts to get you through. Toya(one of our founders) always says, “There’s always someone bigger and better, but no one can do the things you do like you. Someone else can be more talented but they may not have the heart, drive, and fate to make it like you will.” That’s what keeps us going! But you got this!

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  8. i have really enjoyed the post!one of the best i have read thus far in my short blogging journey! i want to add that, self-confidence can be enhanced if you can make changes to your thoughts and lifestyle. Getting up everyday and saying to yourself that no challenge can bob you down for achieving what you want to do can do wonders to your confidence level. i recently wrote a article about developing self-confidence! the tips would surely help anyone who is interested on my topic.

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