Exploring Bourton-On-The-Water…

So today me and the male friend Jack took a trip to the middle of Cotswolds and stopped off in Bourton-On-The-Water. If you think of a quintessential British/English countryside village/town you’ve pretty much hit the mark! But this one has a very unique feature, throughout the town a small river trails through the middle and is often paddled in by brave tourists as it isn’t too deep. Multiple mini bridges lead across the river creating lots of pathways for the budding tourists to follow. 

Along the riverside there are so many little trinket and tea shops and ice cream stands as well as lots of pubs and places to eat. We stopped off at The Croft where we sat outside and had a bite to eat! The food was actually really tasty and for once the weather was nice in England so sitting outside was a nice addition! We also went for a wonder away from the centre of the town and oggled at the beautiful Cotswold stone cottages and houses the area has! We came across this cottage below and it was far to pretty not to take a photo of…

We didn’t visit today but Bourton also has Bird Land and a miniture village to visit which are also very popular with the many tourists! Bourton is such a lovely place and I’m sure I will go again in the future as it’s only about a 40 minute drive for me! 

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

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