French Adventure…

So for the past week I have been taking a break from all things life, work and blogging related and joined Jack and his family on their holiday to France. I’m not really very travelled and having never been to France before or travelled far on a big ferry or ever spoken a word of French, everything was very new to me! Here are a few things that I got up to on my week out… 

We travelled by train to Plymouth and got the over night ferry to Roscoff arriving at 8am French time (as they are an hour ahead of us in England). We stayed in St. Pol-de-Leon a ten minute drive from Roscoff in Jacks family friends holiday home. The house was so beautiful and was decorated with lots of seaside decorations which was convinient as the house was just back from the sea. We explored St. Pol on the day we arrived and walked along the sea front before eating a beautiful three course meal overlooking the sea. After we wondered into town and walked around the shops and abbey before stopping off for a coffee. Now I am not a great fan of coffee and not being able to read French I picked a random tea called “yoga tea”. My random guess was actually a good one as the tea was a delicious cinnamon blend which would have been perfect for sitting by a fire at Christmas. 

We spent the majority of the time eating beautiful food and exploring different local areas such as Roscoff, Morlaix and we even hired bikes and cycled around a near by island called I’le de Batz (blog post in production!).

It was so interesting seeing how everything is so different in a different country it sounds stupid but you get so used to the way your country does things you forget things are done differently abroad. Even simple things such as shopping centres to the way they eat their meals was all so different. The supermarkets had plentiful fish counters (I’ve got a seafood blog post in the works) and sold everything imaginable the meals were always three courses long and a big family affair!! 

We spent two evenings with Jacks family friends and had two lovely meals with them. Most of the evenings were spent laughing as the language barrier made everything so much funnier as things kept getting lost in translation. It was also lovely to be so welcomed by the family even as I had never met them before. I’m now back and I feel pretty chilled out and relaxed so let’s hope that it continues. 
Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

25 thoughts on “French Adventure…

  1. Aww it sounds like you had such a lovely time, this makes me so happy – especially since I’m French ahah, so I might be a little biaised here. Hope you’ll get to visit France again soon! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us πŸ™‚

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