Seafood Feast…

I’ve always liked seafood! A prawn here or a fillet of fish there. I’ve always been partial to chowing down on some kind of fishy food! But there is always an issue it is either really hard to find decent fish as I live near the centre of England as it’s not readily/freshly available, or I find that it is always the most expensive thing on the menu thus meaning I avoid it due to my lack of funds to spend on a meal out.

Due to these conundrums it turns out that I haven’t really eaten much seafood so I can hardly actually call myself a seafood lover!! But last week on my adventure to France that all changed (yay)! They realised I had never eaten crab,snails or oysters so the next day we went off to that shopping centre and selected our crabs, Pagorno(sea snails) and some oysters. This was an experience in itself because englands fish counters are crap compacted to French ones. There was so many different types of fresh fish to choose from! The crabs were all in big baskets and still alive and so many people were picking them up to see their weight or which one they wanted. The shop even cooked our crab and snails there and then for us to take home to eat which saves a lot of work!!

Back at the house Dom showed us how to break up the crab in the correct way which looked pretty complicated in the picture below you can see the tools he used to crack open the crabs…

Now it was time to eat!! To be honest I will eat prettt much anything as I am not a fussy eater but I was a bit hesitant as lots of people don’t like crabs or this kind of seafood. But I don’t know why I worried because it was so lovely!! The crab was so meaty and the leg meat tasted almost sweet. I kind of liked the fact you had to work to find the meat inside of the legs and body!

Up next the snails… to get the snails out of the shells you use a pin like stick (seen in the above picture) which you poke into the snail and twist out of its shell. Now they don’t look like the most appatising things to eat in the world but they actually tasted really good there was a slight sea salt taste but over all it was good!!

And finally onto the oysters!! This was the one I was most anxious about trying! You hear things about oysters like stories of people hating them or people loving them so I was very unsure about them! When the oyster is opened you scrape it about in the shell and add a squirt of lemon juice. Now it’s ready to eat but you have to remember to chew as it’s still alive!!

I actually didn’t mind the oysters they were a funny texture to have in your mouth and was a taste I’m not really familiar with but it was ok! I would try them again! But I think without the lemon juice it would have been a mouthful of sea water which wouldn’t be so good!

At least now I can say I am a seafood boss! I gave them all a try and was suprised that I actually liked it all! I would definetly try all three again! We ate this for lunch and just had them with a few bits of bread. Normally the French have a lot of seafood at Christmas so it was interesting to compare it to a English turkey roast!

Thanks for reading! And thanks to Dom for showing us how it’s all done!

Little Mayfly x

30 thoughts on “Seafood Feast…

  1. Oh yum! I recently had a ton of snow crab legs for dinner for my boyfriend’s birthday (: they were delicious haha I hadn’t had seafood in a long time before that. We made fish tacos a few nights later, it’s an addiction

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