Blackberry Picking…

I don’t usually post on Fridays but I felt I had to write about blackberries😂

Blackberries are on of my favourite berries to eat and you have to catch them at this time of year before they go too squishy or the birds get to them first. I feel that they are so underrated but they can be so easily sourced as there are hundreds of them dotted around in the hedge rows all around England and other countries! And the best thing is that they are free to pick as long as you are allowed to be on the land!

I have so many good memories of picking blackberries as a little kid with my grandparents and siblings. I would be in my little red wellies and raincoat armed with multiple plastic bags ready to load with my finds before heading back home to make a blackberry and apple crumble (there are loads of recipes online you can follow). Saying that I think we always managed to eat so much more than we collected, bagged and took home I guess that’s what made it so fun!

At the moment I am making blackberry vodka with jack which is such an easy recipe! It should be ready about Christmas time (yay).

Thanks for reading this little blackberry love post.
Little Mayfly x


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