This Past Week…

This past week I have posted a lot this week but needed  little pour out of thoughts so bare with me this is probably a brain fart post…

This past week I’m not going to lie but my head has felt all over the place! I find at the moment I have little relapses every now and again. In come that fog of feelings and down thoughts that make me feel so down. I’ve just felt really nervy and on edge and just not myself. But life is going so so well I know in a real world I shouldn’t be feeling down at all I should be on cloud 9! I didn’t really feel like going out and when I did I just felt panicked like something was going to wrong. But towards the end of the week it has kind of warn off. Feeling more positive I went clubbing last night with two of my friends which was pretty successful (Hell yeah), If you follow me you will know that clubbing and alcohol can be my kryptonite at times. Busy, loud and rammed full of people, now that sounds like a anxious persons worst nightmare right?? Buutttt… not once did I have to stop myself to calm down or have a mini timeout in the toilet. Which is something I have done regularly before on nights out! No freak outs, No panicked thoughts, no nothing (F*$K Yeah! Only sounds little but one big achievement!).

This past week two people I know have said to me about how much they can relate to some of the things I write on this blog and how its made them realise that they are not alone in the way they feel. Plus I had no clue either of them suffered from anxiety related issues, so I was so thankful that they felt they were able to share their experiences with me.  It seems so strange to me they used words such as inspirational and inspiring and I have never thought of myself like that. Not at all. I’m just glad that I can help people out it’s crazy to me. I’m not saying that I am some kind of therapist or councillor because I am really not! I just write how I feel and what I’ve learnt from it. The only experience I have had is my own but I’m so glad that I have documented and shared it to the internet as in it’s weird way its helping people out. It goes to show how common issues with anxiety related issues actually are yet people suffering still feel alone and lost.

Thanks for reading another brain fart post just felt like writing.

Little Mayfly x


9 thoughts on “This Past Week…

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I’m also in the ‘not doing so great’ boat, and agree that your posts are relatable, and that a lot of people deal with issues around anxiety especially and you’d never realise. You won’t see yourself as inspirational, but others do (me too!) I get people saying I’m strong and so positive, but then I think ‘if only you see me day to day at home…’ because I’m anything but those things. Sending a hug your way and hoping things feel a little brighter, you’re not alone…♥
    Caz x

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  2. Anxiety seems like something many suffer from yet few admit. Like we should be almost sort of ashamed we suffer from it. I think sharing helps so many realize they are not alone and it is nothing to hide. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Hello, I just finished reading the following, and I felt compelled to ask you this. If you suffer from anxiety & depression, why would you allow yourself to drink? Coming from a personal point very dear to me, drinking while depressed as well as suffering from anxiety & panic attacks just fueled it more.
    I would so hate if you went down the spiral staircase like I did.

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