Dealing With Death…

So death is a subject that I feel that everyone tries to ignore but again it’s a subject that surrounds us in everyday life. Recently part of my extended family suffered a sudden loss and it’s made me realise that we are rubbish about talking about death in general!

We have all been there, you meet a friend or colleague who has had a recent loss and it is so difficult to know what to say to them? Do you mention it and maybe upset them? or do you briefly mention it and move on? or do you just ignore it completely? And to be honest I don’t know if there is a correct answer to that its Sooo so so difficult?! The thing is I don’t think there is a correct answer to that question, from experience it is just nice to know that people are thinking of you and are there for you even if you don’t feel like talking about it straight away. But then the closest people to me I have lost are my Nan and Grandad and that was tough to deal with, I can remember just going into auto piolet and not truly getting upset about it until the actual funerals or until I has a religious studies lesson on death a few months later (Thanks Mr Thomas I know you tried to make the lesson as light hearted as you could). And let alone dealing with more immediate family members deaths such as parents or siblings. But the thing is you want the person to be able to speak to you about it, as eventually they probably will want to talk about it. Yes they may be gone but they were probably a big part of someone’s life and they wont be forgotten, at first It’s just so difficult as everyone greaves differently.

The grieving process is also a difficult one to as it just depends again on the person and situation. It may take months, years or maybe never? I don’t think you ever really truly get over someone’s death, but you just learn to carry on without them and carry on the best you can. I just always thought as my Nan and Grandad as stars, always there but not always seen, looking down on you.

I think what I am trying to say is that when faced with death I think its best just be an open book. Let people talk if they want to talk, they are obviously going to be upset because that’s a given, but just be a open shoulder to cry on. Although death is something that happens on a daily basis its still so hard to get to grips with, old or young its not  a nice thing!!

I don’t know if I have made many valid points in this post but felt like I wanted to write something on the subject?!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x





5 thoughts on “Dealing With Death…

  1. I’m actually not that scared of my own death (okay maybe a little) but what I’m scared of is when death comes to the people I love. I just can’t imagine my future without them. It’s painful even just by thinking of it.

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  2. What a well-written and important post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I’m a firm believer that death should not be the taboo subject that so many people tend to make it. I think a lot of people actually wind up suffering more because of the way society makes it such a hush-hush sort of topic. A lot more openness on the subject could save people a lot of pain. ❤

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