First Tattoo Experience…

I have wanted a tattoo for a good few years now and have been stuck on the same idea for at lest 2 years now. I wanted to get something to mark my grandparents who died almost 9 years ago now as I felt they had such a huge influence on me and who I am today. When I was little my grandad used to tell us a story about a little field mouse, the little mouse would go on little adventures and almost get caught my a tractor or combine.

So in august I set out to get my tattoo (yay! Finally!) But its a little bit of a long story so here is the short version… So basically I went to one studio and a lady tattoo artist was up for designing me a tattoo. Cool great!! I popped into the studio for a chat about my tattoo. But when I eventually weeks later was able to look at my design it was so so so far away from what I asked for (and tattoos are for life so it was a no from me!!). Plus both times I went to the studio the customer service just wasn’t great and to me service is everything! So after that little fiasco I got in contact with another studio who have been amazing! The artist couldn’t have been more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about my tattoo idea. So on Thursday it was the big day!! I wasn’t really that nervous I think I was more excited. Me and the artist took a while at the start so we could deciding on size and positioning, It did end up bigger then I first thought and wanted but I think in the end he was able to get in so much more detail.

Seeing as though it was on my ribs and that is suppose to be a very painful area the pain wasn’t too bad. It was the kind of pain you could ignore and put in a box. But the last half hour to 45 mins it was really sore. But that was due to the last final details being added over the top. But that was all worth it because it looks amazing! I love it so much!! This is a picture of it just after it was done…

I think the next day (the Friday) was the most painful as I don’t think you realise how much you actually move your ribs in a day!! It has now been 4 days and its starting to get a little itchy when my clothes move against it but apart from that its not too painful anymore. Here are a few pictures of it a few days later…


I’m so so happy how this came out! He is super cute!

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

67 thoughts on “First Tattoo Experience…

  1. That tattoo is stunning, I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo as part of a remembrance to my dad who passed away earlier on this year. I love the meaning of your tattoo and how beautiful the piece has come out.

    Do you mind me asking who your tattoo artist was, I would love to see more of their work as it has turned out beautifully in you.

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  2. Wow I love this!! Its so pretty and delicate and feminine and fab!! Great choice! So glad you waited for the 2nd artist, the first one sounded well dodgy, fair play for leaving it!! For your first I’m super proud you went for this location, so brave little lady! xx

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      1. 🙂 Like you said its a permanent thing so feeling confident with whose doing it is major! Im so glad you mentioned it. Im sure others have but may have felt they couldn’t back out! There is nothing worse not fully being confident with your decision, esp this kind of one xxx

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  3. Wow! What a fantastic tattoo. I love how it came out and the story behind it. Good for you for not settling for the first place you went and were unhappy with. You made the right call and now you have a fantastic tattoo to show for it. 🙂

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  4. oh my goodness I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for so long but I’ve been too scared! I can’t believe how big your first tattoo is, you’re literally too brave!!! It looks absolutely incredible though girly!! (sorry just stalking your blog because I’ve just found it and I’m loving it) xxxxx

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  5. Wow, looks good. I like the story behind it. I want some myself but I’ve not plucked up the courage to do my research yet even though I’ve sketched out a few designs. Hoping to be braver this year

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