Polaroids Of The Month…

So for the December addition of polaroid of the month I really couldn’t choose between these two! I wanted to choose a December vibes/Christmas themed picture and felt they both kinda hit the mark for me! They were also both taken on my yellow Instax 90 polaroid camera. The first is a picture of me and my two university  besties at Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park last year. This was taken just after we watched alive band preform. I also love how we are all wrapped up in big coats with the twinkly lights behind us. You may also be able to see the colour of the lipstick I had on that day on the bottom left hand corner of the white surround. That was thanks to me putting the picture between my lips as I was trying to tackle my camera back into my backpack (how graceful of me)…

Up next is this out of focus hot chocolate picture, I took this on a cold day during a summer holiday a few years ago but I drink so much hot chocolate this time of year I felt like I had to include it! At the time I was annoyed it came out not in focus but have grown to like it that way. It was a bloody good hot chocolate and who can resist adding a load of cream and marshmallows too, even if one was trying to escape across the table…

So there you go the final instalment of Polaroid Of The Month for 2017 (Eww already!) I am really enjoying this series on my blog and hope you do too?? Any suggestions or ideas on how to make this monthly post better/constructive criticism I’m more then open to please comment them below…

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

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