2017 Look Back…

Oh hello the end of 2017! You came around quickly didn’t you?! This year has been a blast and so much had happened in so many different areas of my life I thought I would once again write them all down! To begin with I couldn’t think of many things then gradually as I looked back through pictures I realised a hell of a lot had happened this year! So here we go….

1. University…. I couldn’t write this post without talking about it! I was going to write it in individual sections but I have too much to say! From the hard slog of trying to write and scrape together a dissertation that sounded oh so intelligent, to endless rehearsals for choreography shows and my final performance the last few months at uni really flew by! Even though they were hard and full of tears and ‘that’s it I’m leaving moments’, the last few months were so fun, from sports balls graduation balls and of course my last ever trampoline competition I made so many good memories in the last few months of my degree. And then of course I couldn’t write a uni paragraph without mentioning graduation. Up until graduation I was kind of in a limbo of “yeah I did that it was hard I had a bit of a shitty time at one point so what let’s try and forget about it” but at graduation I felt a more “F*$k yeah I bloody did it I should be proud’ kinda feeling so I’m so glad I went as it made me realise I should be proud of my achievement!

Job Hunt… if you read this blog regularly you will know I had a bit of a struggle to find a job once back home in my shire! I knew it wouldn’t be a dance job straight away and found a job in a local pub but I just needed something more to occupy my mind!! But I eventually fell on my feet at the end of august when my mum sent me a job advert looking for dance teachers! I am so far loving teaching and moving again, and the kids a hilarious!! I just need to find a better part time job to work around it (please 2018 if your listening? Wink,Wink!)

Relationships… So this year I also managed to get myself a boyfriend (wooo finally! Hells yeah! There was a point at the start of the year when we didn’t see that coming!!). He’s cool, straight talking and chilled and keeps my crazy head calm when I start thinking way too much which was what I think I needed! He even took me on his family holiday to France, which was just the best week ever and a well needed relax from job searching!

Friends.. this year I have really learn that friendships are funny things you lose some along the way as your interests and things in common change but those who are there for you are really really there for you! Or some you don’t have to see for months and it still feels like nothing’s really changed between you!

Tattoo… This year I finally got my first ever tattoo done!! I’ve been banging on about getting it for years and finally got around to getting it done! I couldn’t be happier with the end result I love it so so much it is everything I wanted!! But now I want another one (oops).

Anxiety… I wasn’t going to write a section on this but then realised that a lot has happened in this area of my life this year!! But I have managed to get a grip of anxiety and depression, I stopped taking the medication for it and can now tell when I’m starting to feel poopy so I can try and avoid it as best I can! (Yay)

So there you go!! My 2017 in a nut shell! I think overall it has been a pretty good year. Ok it has been tough and at times and I’ve wanted to throw the towel in but I didn’t I persevered! (Yay go me!). So here’s to 2018! Let’s see what you’ve got in store for me…

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


20 thoughts on “2017 Look Back…

  1. Congrats on your beautiful tattoo, my friend!

    I am sincerely happy that things are turning out brighter and better for you. And so happy to see you in love! Here’s to wishing that the next year will be a lot more fun. Happy 2018!

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