A letter to my younger self…

Seeing as though it is the start of another year I thought I would have a go at writing a letter to my younger self. I was writing this and kind of aimed it to me aged 12/13. The age where I had just started secondary school and was trying to work out my place in the world. So here goes..

Hey, 12/13 year old Chloe! First things first, accept the fact your an odd ball ok! Just accept it, people will call you nerdy, short or tiny but just accept it because that’s you! But keep that head of yours in fairy land as long as you can because the world is a very scary place, it will try it’s hardest to swallow you whole but keep that positive outlook your really going to need it. First up you are actually a confident person underneath that skin show it to people more ok! I know you doubt yourself In pretty much everything but stop it! You are amazing! I know at this point your trying to find your place in a friendship group but you do you ok, because trying to follow along with certain groups at school really isn’t you! Don’t be the sheep who just follows along attached to a group who don’t like you for you! But saying that you will end up with actual decent friends in the end so stop trying to push it, it will just happens and it will all fall into place.

Up next, you will grow and one day hit puberty!(Bet that made you excited)! Your tiny at the moment so just accept it stop comparing yourself to others around you! I know everyone keeps telling you that the best things come in small packages and you don’t believe them, well you should because they are correct. Your moment will come soon and you will bloom into a pretty flower I promise. Plus your boobs will grow eventually and they are cute as F*$k and so it’s well worth the wait (so don’t stress about that either)! Also that short bobbed hair will grow out and you will look much better with longer hair. But due to the fact you are currently a little munchkin, boys and the male species in general will not be interested in you at all! (Sorry I know you wont thank me for that but it is true!) I know everyone around you is getting boyfriends but wait your time will come, and eventually all the guys will want to know where you sprung from and ask what your name is, even though you were actually there the whole time!! Maybe for now just focus on actually talking to guys in general everyday life it will help you in the long run. I guess just be patient your time for all the above will come.

I know you’ve only just started but stick at the dancing!! You may have to work harder as you haven’t done much before but keep trying! Oh and start stretching those little legs and do some workouts it will help and your going to need it. I don’t want to reveal to much but keep at it, it will be one of the most important thing to you for a very long time!! You will find escapism and yourself through dancing so please stick with it.

The next year few years will be a little rough be prepaired to lose some people along the way. But most of all know just keep doing you! Remember you are the girl who used to cover rocks in glitter and thought they were magical! Don’t lose that!

Lots of love 21 year old Chloe x


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