Polaroid Of The Month…

So to mark the first ‘Polaroid of the Month’ of 2018, I thought I would show you two polaroid’s which didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped! For anyone who has a polaroid camera you will probably know that when you first use them it is really trial and error if the picture will actually come out or not!! I think we get so used to fancy modern day cameras we forget how hard it used to be to snap a picture! Here are the two polaroid’s I took with my 330 Polaroid Land Camera….

I was so sad when this first polaroid came out black, it was the first one I ever took with this camera and I really didn’t think the camera was going to work at all! Plus the film for this camera is really expensive to find as it has been discontinued. But then I realised that I had one of the settings wrong so all was good!! I guess an all black polaroid could be classed as artistic right?! (yes?? Uhh? I think?).

So up next is another polaroid mistake but this time I think it actually made a cool looking picture! This time I managed to take two pictures on top of each other. There was me expecting my nice picture of a crooked lightening hit tree but I had forgotten I had tried to take one of some nice green bush 10 minutes earlier. I think this happened because I am so used to my instax mini 7 camera that spits out the polaroid left right and centre I managed to take two pictures on one sheet of film (Rookie error I know!!). Now at the time I was annoyed but looking at this now I actually really like it! It is kind of creepy!

So there you go I am no perfect photographer!! I hope you liked these dodgy examples of some of my bad polaroid taking. If anything it shows that I a definitely not perfect at polaroid’s. Taking good in focus and well light balanced polaroid’s is an art form which I haven’t quite grasped yet!

Have you had any polaroid malfunctions? Let me know about them in the comments..

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

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