Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A…

I wanted to do a Q&A on mental health/anxiety but instead of me waffling on as per usual I decided to ask a few amazing bloggers (most of whom happen to write posts about their own metal health and anxiety) to answer 5 questions on the subject. This was going to be one big post but I got such amazing responses and such lovely answers from the heart, I have turned it into a mini series over the next five weeks, this being the first week (Sunday 21st). I have linked all of the bloggers below so please go and give them some support!!

Sophie Mags from:

Chloe Burford from:

Jessica from:

Katie from:

Fatimah from:

  1. When did you realise you suffered from anxiety/mental health issues?

SophieMags said: A few Years ago there became a point in my life where everything was just too much. Work was still new and changing, my relationship with both my boyfriend and mum didn’t improve and it made me go into overdrive. Every little thing would set me off on a rollercoaster of emotions and there was more days of feeling empty and away from the world than there were good days. I couldn’t handle some situations and over time that’s become my thought process. Rather than dealing with issues I just ran away. I spoke to a doctor and he said \I have anxiety, and having a label on my thought process helped bring me back to the world.

Chloe said: I was 14, I remember walking out of a class at school, and not really knowing why I just had an overwhelming feeling and felt the need to run away. My friends suggested it might be an anxiety attack and at the time I didn’t have a clue about anxiety and once I done my research all the symptoms added up and it made sense.

Jessica said: After taking Mental Health First Aid- it helps to know that everyone will have different areas to work on with their mental health, and that it’s completely normal. I have small hiccups from time to time normally, but I am currently going through a difficult break up, and while it’s an immense struggle, I can recognise that it is a serious mental health issue for me and I need to focus on it completely.

Katie says: I realised I was struggling when I became short tempered with my family. Usually anything can be going on and I would just internalise but when I was reacting to silly things with even the people closest to me I knew something had changed.

Fatimah said: I realised that I suffered from mental health issues when I left high school.

So there are the first 5 answers to the first question! I think from this anyone can see that mental health issues can start at any time of your life and can be realised in so many different situations. I know all of these answers are all from lovely ladies but as you can see all of their situations are so different plus it is exactly the same for men, guys,boys or lad lads too! The next question will be out next Sunday, keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Thanks for taking a look, any questions, concerns please leave a comment!

Little Mayfly x


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