Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch…

I have wanted a watch for a while, but I struggle to find a fashionable watch with a good sized face, that looks right on my small wrists. I had a Superdry on when I was around 15 but it was really plastic and hurt my wrists as well as the face being way to big for my tiny wrists. So when it came to trying to find a present from my parents for Christmas I decided on getting a watch. As I was searching for watches I came across a brand called Olivia Burton. She has a large range of very pretty watches, from very petite to more decorative watches covered in flowers and bees. DSC00571

I ended up choosing a watch from the Olivia Burton Wonderland Collection and decided on the Rose Gold Midi Dial watch with a black leather strap. This watch has a vintage inspired face which I really like the look of as well as a real leather strap. We ended up ordering form ‘The Watch Shop’ (http://www.watchshop.com/olivia-burton.htm) and also ended up getting money off due to the Black Friday deals on at the time (every little helps).


Before purchasing I got the measurements so I could check the face size against my wrist, but I was still concerned that it would be a bit big on my wrist but when it came it was the right size. It is big enough to be visible but not to big that it makes my tiny wrists look stupid.

The watch is exactly what I was after, you can easily tell the time (Yep I just said that) but not all of the collections watches have numbers and markers on the faces. This watch also looks fancy but not too in your face which is exactly the kind of thing I was after. I am quite simple when it comes to jewellery and accessories so it goes with everything. It also goes with any outfit which is always pretty handy. I would definitely consider Olivia Burton the next time I am looking for a watch and they also do a jewellery line as well which also features really pretty and petite pieces.

Thanks for taking a look,

Little Mayfly x


20 thoughts on “Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch…

  1. Their watches are some of the most beautiful accessories I’ve ever seen! Love their bees and birds, it’s like you carry a whole garden on your wrist.
    I love your choice too, it’s very smart and classy!

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