Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A 2…

This is the second instalment of this mini series, where I asked questions 5 different questions to bloggers about anxiety/mental health issues. If you missed the first instalment you can find it by clicking here.. Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A…. . Again I will link below the all of the lovely bloggers who got involved so make sure you go and check them out!

Sophie Mags from
Chloe Burford from:
Jessica from:
Katie from:
Fatimah from:                                                         Ella May from:

2. Are you triggered by anything in particular?
Sophie Mags: The Main thing that affects me is when I feel overwhelmed by something. Such as a situation I don’t understand. Currently I’m in the process of moving out and buying my own flat and everyday is different. It is fair to say my brain has been freaking out like mad as there is so much to do and unfortunately I have been having more panic attacks than usual. Like the fact I’m moving out t the minute and have a lot of crazy things to do. If there is too much going on and I get overwhelmed I need breathing and thinking space. I know that sounds crazy but if I go somewhere and I don’t feel I have space I freak out! I like to be in control of situation.
Chloe said: I am triggered more visually than anything else, so if TV programmes have graphic scenes of rape or self harm then they should definitely have a trigger warning.

Jessica says: Typically, no- it’s usually related to something that I can’t avoid (ie. work, health, car) or something very important to me (ie. friendships, blog). Right now, it was a break up that I didn’t see coming.
Katie said: My anxiety stemmed from my separation and subsequent custody issues. Three years on and I am only just legally divorced with things all signed off so it was a lengthy process that really drained me. Now anything relating to my children can trigger me or even just being run down and tired can set things in motion.

Fatimah says: I am triggered by a life changing that is brought up anytime from the past.

Ella May said: Taking a moment to remove myself from the situation and focusing on my breathing, if it is a panic attack. Depression I find much more complicated. I may need to spend a lot of time alone n my room and just work on myself. Sometimes throwing myself into something helps too. Like I often do my University work when I need to stop thinking I about a low.


13 thoughts on “Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A 2…

  1. Because of something that occurred in my past, I have to be careful in certain situations bc I am in fact triggered by certain reminders of a past event. I find it easier to handle when I keep my emotions in check for the time until it passes. Its wonderful you’re raising awareness and educating about mental health with a post like this! 💕💕

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