A Denim Jacket…

I have wanted a over sized denim jacket for a while now but just couldn’t find one. I knew wanted one with fleece around the collar and one that was quite light in colour. Whilst adding lots of unnecessary items to my Asos basket in December I came across one I loved (The Jacket). But as normal it was way over priced for my poor graduate earnings, as it was originally £55 (Not too bad for a jacket I know but I’m real poor!). So I did what any savvy shopper would do and waited for it to come on sale and luckily it finally did. It went from £55 to £27.50 (yay!!). It was finally in price range when my sister turned around to me and said ‘Oh I got a £20 Asos voucher from a client to use up if you want it??’. Ooooo yes please! Thank you big sister!! So the jacket went from £55 to £7.50!!! I am so far loving this jacket it goes with so may different items of clothes and looks great just chucked on with jeans and converse or even more dressy outfits. It is pretty versatile!

Here are some photos of the Jacket for you…



So there you go I think this might be my first outfit kind of post! If you would like to see more let me know! The light blue frill neck jumper I am wearing in most of the pictures is from Topshop: Click here for Link!

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x



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