Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A 3…

Instalment three of this mini series here on my blog, if you haven’t seen the 2 previous posts you can find them here Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A & Blogger Mental Health & Anxiety Q&A 2…So far I have had really good feedback about this mini series, so I’m glad people can enjoy and relate to it. If you want to answer the questions yourself give me your answer in the comments. Again as always I will link the lovely bloggers involved below…

Sophie Mags from
Chloe Burford from:
Jessica from:
Katie from:
Fatimah from:

Ella May from:

3.What is your best ‘go to’ technique for when you start to feel an onset?
Sophie Mags: Well it does depend on the situation I am in. If I’m on my own, I put my headphones in. If I’m in a public space and something happens I just get space, space to breathe and think straight.

Chloe says: I always use distraction as a technique, or if I feel a panic attack coming on counting backwards from 100 helps!
Jessica said: Smaller episodes, it is going through the worst possible scenario and mapping out what would happen (and that I would survive) even if the worst did occur. Right now, it is reaching out to the people that I trust and being entirely open about the ways that I’m feeling, even if it is worrying or illogical. Not only have I “gotten it out”, the people I trust are also good at helping me to move my attention to something else, even for just a few moments.
Katie: Talking it out. Being really open with my partner and telling him how I am feeling. Also taking some time for myself away from him and the kids. Something as small as a short nap or a bath can really help.

Fatimah said: My best technique is to tuck into bed with a book and a lit candle

Ella May said:  General University routine usually helps as it gives me soothing to focus on. Anything that jeeps me buys, or sociable, can prevent it escalating in my mind.

So there you go question three!! I think you can see from these few answers that there is definitely a link between getting some space to yourself, keeping yourself busy and keeping up appearances when it comes to keeping that onset non-existent. I hope this post might be interesting to you in some way, or even help you out.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


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