Graduate Life…

So it has been a fair few months since I graduated uni back in July and I wanted to do a little update because I had no idea what graduate life would be like! I did a post on my actual graduation which you can find here…Graduation… I mean I managed to get a degree but had no idea what I want/wanted to do with my life. It has been really tough at times and I miss a lot about being a student so I thought I would share a few thoughts with you…

1. I miss student loan it was so nice to have like a guaranteed income (even though you didn’t work). student loans allow you to pay for all of the things you needed to plus be able to go out and buy things and go out out too. I think they should do a graduate loan so you can survive the first few months because trying to find jobs is a nightmare and actually takes a while for applications to be processed!!

2.The other day I went to the cinema and the guy asked if I had a student discount card and I was so sad to say no. I wish Mr Cinema Man, I wish!! I just looked at him like I used to!! Help I’m poor! I was so annoyed as my uni card has an expiery date on it but I know peoples who don’t so I envy those people. Rip Student Discount 😦

3. I also really miss time tabled life, which I know sounds weird. like it is nice to be free and do what you like but I’ve been used to being in education since I just turned 4 so its weird not having it to go by each day. It also makes me realise I need to be more organised and plan things to do each day or I get nothing done!!

4. Home life… I feel like it came to September and my family were like uhhh can you go away again now please. Almost as if I had outstayed my welcome! Soz guys but I’m here for good because I cant afford rent or anything with these student debts I got!! It also took me a while to get back into that home routine of meals a certain time and letting parents know where you are. I know it sounds petty but its hard when you’ve been so used t doing your own thing.

I know that was all pretty negative but there has been a lot of plus factors!! I have been loving being able to blog more, friends and boyfriend are all cool. I am loving my dance teaching job and I was so so lucky to get it! I have just been offered more classes which I am buzzing about but I still need to find a better job of the day times, which I am working on. I know January/February is a rough month for pubs and restaurant’s but I have hardly worked recently and I hate being sent home early, I then have nothing to do for the rest of the day. And if you follow my blogs you will know my mental health is better when I have things to do and distract myself with so this month has been a struggle. I am also meeting up with the uni girls this weekend which I am so excited for!! All in all I think I am probably getting through the hard Grad life bit and feel like I am starting to kick some butt (as soon as I find a better part time job).

I hope this gives future graduates a little bit of hope! As I thought once I left university there was no chance I would use my degree! Thanks for taking a look…

Little Mayfly x


18 thoughts on “Graduate Life…

  1. Yay! Well done you. It sounds like you’re on the way to working out what it is you like and don’t like! That’s half the battle. I didn’t have a clue for years so you’re way ahead of me! Try everything … have fun, but stay safe. 💙

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  2. I find it really difficult to find a part-time job right now, but I’m using my free time to apply for internships and focus on my blog. I can’t wait to graduate and finally secure a full time job, and wish you the best of luck x

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