Blogger Mental Health and Anxiety Q&A 4…

Week number 4 of this mini series where I asked different bloggers questions on mental health and anxiety!! Please check out the other posts below and I will link everyone involved below too so please go and check them all out….

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Bloggers Involved:

Sophie Mags from
Chloe Burford from:
Jessica from:
Katie from:
Fatimah from:
Ella May from:

Amanda from:

4. Do you have a routine or something you do to stop it effecting your daily life?
Sophie Mags: It’s not necessarily something I do because of my anxiety but I find it helps; and that is to go to the gym. Exercise is so great for mental heath and the days I go I feel so much better and happier.
Chloe said: I don’t really have a routine, but I always make sure to take my tablets, get plenty of sleep and stay sociable.
Jessica said: I simplify things down to what is happening right now- maybe it is this week, maybe it is today, maybe it is the next hour. When I’m not experiencing my issues, planning for the future is a big part of who I am and what I do. But when it’s part of the problem, I need to put it aside. It will be there anyways; focusing on the right now is manageable. Also, reaching out to those key people, even if it’s to say the same thing for the hundredth time- knowing that they support me makes facing it all easier.

Katie: I don’t have a set routine but some peace and quiet really helps me get thoughts in order so I can articulate what’s going on easier.

Fatimah: My routine would to be to replace my thoughts with positive ones and try not to overthink.

Ella May: General university routine usually helps as it gives me something to focus on. Anything that keeps me busy, or sociable can prevent it escalating in my mind.

Amanda: If I feel a panic attack coming on I will get a small room (usually the bathroom) and deeply breathe a few time to clear my head. Then I will look into the mirror and tell myself it’s all alright.

Personally I use quite a few of these different techniques to help me get through when I need to. I thought this would be quite useful to new sufferers or people who went sure how to tackle their issues yet! Let me know in the comments what your tricks and tips are..

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x


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