Mini Goals…

So I decided last week that I need to give myself some mini realistic life goals to aim for on the way to the big ones! I came to this conclusion because recently I have just been a wandering mess who needed to find some direction in life. Like I have my bucket list but they are big big goals!! So here are some I have come up with so far they range from ones I can active in a short time to exploring, events and to things I need to do more often…

Go to Cheltenham Races (I’ve got the time off work I just need to buy my ticket)

Go out clubbing more.

Go to more concerts (Because they make me happy)

Go to a festival (Which one should I pick??)

Practise photography more

Play around with photo editors

Take dance class (Yes I teach but I need to dance myself)

Dance video (create another dance video, because you can improve on the last one)

Do more yoga (because you know you always feel better afterwards)

Keep up the good range of blog posts

So there you go!! A few goals that I would like to do more of over the next few months. Chloe you better stick to them girl!!!!

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

21 thoughts on “Mini Goals…

  1. Oooh the races – the week when Cheltenham shuts down to residents and racing takes over!! Get buying tickets asap so you make sure you have them. Some cool goals, lots of creative stuff with photos etc too, I like it! 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. Mini goals are the best kind! They’re easier to accomplish and it’s fun to make a huge list of them (: I’ve been doing yoga everyday this year and it feels great. Justin and I are looking for concerts to attend this summer too- hope you find some good ones haha

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  3. These are great. I do similar, in fact I don’t use fixed big goals or ‘bucket list’ type stuff – when I did some therapies they were noted as contributing to anxiety.
    Instead I look at the broad direction and create mini-goals which I can achieve and celebrate – or if I don’t do them it isn’t a huge crashing failure. It works so well, I’m really productive when I work this way and much less anxious about failure and doing things wrong.

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  4. Awesome goals! I like mini-goals. I just think they tend to be so much more attainable, and then you can continue to add more related mini goals until you hit the big ones, too. 😀
    Good luck with all of these! ❤

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