The Lambs, The Snow and The Illness…

So I haven’t posted for a week and to be honest life got a little crazy and I just didn’t feel like posting (which is not me at all). And I didn’t know what to post so I’m just going to share what I’ve been up to! Also I’m sorry if I read your blog on the regular I will catch up on your posts this week! I also got way too excited about spring and storm Emma put a right stop to my spring joy!! Let’s start where it started to get a little crazy…

Wednesday night I started teaching my new set of dance classes which went really well (yay, the planning paid off)!! The kids seemed to have a great time and I even got some good parent feedback from the classes. I then came down with a little sore throat after class but put it down to the new classes and going a little OTT.

Thursday I went and helped Jacks mum move the last of Jacks pregnant ewes back home to have their lambs as jack wanted them close to home with the forecasted snow on the way. It was -4 and the wind chill was recorded around -13!!!! I had so many layers on I looked like a mini Eskimo. Thursday evening my cold went from “it’s ok I’m just getting on with it” to “I actually feel pretty shitty”. Due to the snow I stayed at Jacks as I’m not the best driver and there was no point risking it!

Waking up on Friday morning I was like something from the walking dead and outside was a wonderland of snowdrifts!! (No joke)! So I spent Friday cuddled and asleep in bed and only got up to help feed the lambs Jack is bottle feeding. Ewes only have two teets so when you have three lambs it’s a bit of a struggle to feed everyone equally hence the need for bottle feeding (I plan to do a whole lambing inspired post at the end of this week).

Saturday pretty much went the same as Friday, sleeping and hiding from the snow but I was finally able to drive home. And Sunday I watched “We brought A Zoo” and recovered from the killer cold!

So there you go that’s my excuses to why I haven’t blogged, from feeling poopy and uninspired to feeding some new babies.

Now to get my butt back in gear and get this blogging show on the road again!!


Little Mayfly x

19 thoughts on “The Lambs, The Snow and The Illness…

  1. Oh no, I’m sorry you were feeling so rough! That big photo at the top with the lamb is adorable; I’d love to bottle feed a little one. -13 wind chill…ouch! I’m not sure what the wind chill was here a couple of days ago but it was very snowy and very icy and I was more like the Michelin Man than a mini eskimo (fashion goes out the window when I’m too cold, I just don’t care any more!) I hope you’re doing a bit better and fingers crossed warmer weather will help brighten things up too 🙂
    Caz xx

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