Crufts 2018…

So yesterday I went to Crufts for the first time!! If you hadn’t guessed from previous blog posts I am a BIG dog lover and Crufts is the biggest doggie event of the year!! From showing off your finest pedigree pooch in the ring to fast paced flyball and agility there is so much to go and take a look at even if you aren’t that much of a dog lover it’s a great day out!

There was so much to look at from dog food to grooming stands, pooch photography and even a few freebies but I think my favourite section of the whole event is the discover dogs section. In this section you can take a look at every dog breed going from Dalmatians to Chinese Crested’s. I personally can resist a little terrier so I had to go say hello to them but I also took a fancy to some Bernese mountains dogs they were just so big and gorgeous! (If only I was allowed a dog!!) If your looking for a puppy that’s a good section to visit as you can talk to expert owners about their specific breeds personalities and what would suit you!!

After walking around the thousands of stalls we spent the afternoon in the main arena watching heel work to music, flyball and agility. It so lush to see owner and dog working together and having so much fun!! We also bumped into Alan Car on our way out of the arena which made mums day!!

I’m not going to lie it was a bit overwhelming at times, there was a lot of people, hundreds of dogs and so so much to look at you almost would need two days to look at everything properly!! But I had the best time and would for sure visit again!

Have you ever been to crufts? Or had a go at agility with your four legged friend?

Thanks for reading!

Little Mayfly x

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