Polaroid Of The Month…

March is upon us!!  It’s also the 13th which means it’s time for my polaroid of the month. To be honest I wasn’t sure which polaroid to use but yesterday my big little brother passed his tractor driving test so I thought I would share some of the polaroid’s I have of him. These were all taken on my Instax mini 70 camera…


I took all of these last year the rugby ones were (I think) around this time last year and the black and white lamb one was in the summer.

DSC00988DSC00986DSC00985I was really excited when I ordered the black and white film but found that when I took a picture it didn’t always actually come out of the top of my camera and was really hit and miss with the quality of the pictures. I think this one was the best result I got with the film, but I wouldn’t order it again in a hurry.

So there you go that’s March’s Polaroids of the month!! Let me know if you have experimented with some of the different instax films or if you stick to the usual type? And if there is anything you would like me to feature next month??

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x


12 thoughts on “Polaroid Of The Month…

  1. Nice shots! I have the black and white film too but i haven’t used it; it’s a shame that it doesn’t come out as clearly! The black rimmed paper is good (the shots come out the exact same but where the white around the outside usually is it’s black) xx

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