Cheltenham Races 2018…

For the past three years I have sat in my little uni rooms, with my Ipad and phone betting away to the Cheltenham races. Being a local girl I have always been interested in the races. I can remember being around 6ish (I think?) sitting in front of the tele at my Nan’s house betting with 2p’s with my sister and Grandad whilst trying to spot my mum and dad in the stands. And yesterday I finally made it!!!!Yes I was in the cheap section but that didn’t dull my day! Yes I ended up a bit bevved but who doesn’t! After choosing my outfit I ended up looking part. We had breakfast before it all kicked off and got the bus into town.

After a loss on the first race with Invitation Only (where I got a little too excited) my fingers were crossed as I held my ticket for Delta Work in the Handicap! I was instantly drawn to the name so had to bet! (And because that’s a name of a drag queen from RuPauls drag race so had to do it) And they bloody won!! Buzzing!! Well that’s an understatement from the picture below you can see how happy I was!! The next round was on me!!

After another loss with Cue Card who got pulled up I won again with Pen Hill after a lovely Irish guy tipped us off about him! That time I won ยฃ82 that’s roughly the same amount I earn from my part time job a week! I know it’s not much as people bet thousands but to me that’s a lot!! After a few more drinkies and another win with Ruby Walsh riding Laurina it was time for the final race where my horse Mall Dini came in second but I still won some money back from him as I did an each way bet! (Yay).

I had the best day and literally “lived my best life” plus we all managed to win at least one race!! I think we had the luck of the Irish!! Literally had the best day! The weather was also so lush as normally race week has the worst weather ever but we got blue skies. Plus not once did I feel anxious or panicked when it got crowded so I’m buzzing about that too!! We then went into town for a few drinks to finish the day too!

Thanks for taking a look at my day!

Little Mayfly x

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