Its lambing season!! Probably my favourite time of year. Even if your not into farmish or countryside things I think a field of lambs is still a pretty good site to see!! It means spring is on its way and new life is coming through after the rough snowy winter we’ve had (I’m ignoring the fact it’s actually snowed again today). If you follow me over here on Little Mayfly you will probably know that my boyfriend has his own small flock of sheep. His flock started lambing around 3 weeks ago and he is now on around 16 lambs. On Friday I went over to take some pictures of the new arrivals now most of them have now been turned out into the paddock.

WARNING: Lots of cuteness below!!


DSC01031Jack is currently bottle feeding four of the lambs (pictured above) as he had a few sets of triplets and Ewe’s only have two teets so they end up struggling to feed all three equally. These guys are all in a separate pen in the shed to keep them warm as they are still only small. In the photo below is Jack’s oldest and his first ever Ewe who he calls Old Ewe. He thinks she is now around 8 years old and she is still in really good condition and still produced a great single lamb this year. On a big commercial farm sheep normally last until they are around 5 years old, so Old Ewe is doing great!!


Jack also had a little surprise this year when one of the lambs was born with a jet black leg! Being part Texel most of the lambs are very snowy white, but this little guy missed that memo and has a little black leg. He looks so cool though when he’s stood in the field!! Almost as if someone has dipped his leg in a pot of paint but I think it makes him look even cuter. I love the photo below of him suckling on his mum, I think it might have been the best one I took.


I’m sure there will be more lamb updates through out the year but I couldn’t resist posting these super cute photos of the new arrivals.

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

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