I really love music, I always have, I find it calms me, gets me excited and I listen to music a lot! In the car, at home or walking somewhere I often have a headphone in! I can remember the first time I actually felt a connection with music, I was around year 4 at school so I was probably aged 8. We were doing a school assembly on Pocahontas and I was one of the river dancers, we had to dance around with blue ribbon sticks and as soon as this song came on I felt so free! Like nothing else mattered! It had a softness but was also so powerful, at the time I had no clue what the guy was singing about but I knew it was something powerful. I spent years trying to find “that song” it had had that much of an effect on me. I later found out it was ‘Music of the Night’ from Phantom of the Opera and it still to this day makes me feel so so much. It hits a spot deep inside its hard to describe unless you’ve ever felt it yourself. I don’t think I’ve felt like that so much about a piece of music since.

Live music, there is also something about live music that is so different to listening to a recorded version! At a concert or a music festival hearing it in real life is food for my soul! It makes me so happy! I had another one of those “I’m free thanks to music” moments at Reading Festival 2016. After a pretty rough year with a lot of personal ups and downs I was up against the barrier  in the middle of the crowd (in the photo below) watching Twenty One Pilots. When they started playing ‘Ride’ and I had a ‘Fuck Yeahh Go Meee moment’, all thanks to the music! It made me feel good, like I had something to live for!! I had another one of those moments when I watched Imagine Dragons a few weeks ago. Dan Reynolds the lead singer did an amazing speech on his depression and how you can get through it (Cue Emotional Chloe) and then proceeded to play ‘Demons’ and I was like OMG!! This song now makes so much sense cue automatic repeats on my playlist! Basically live music = such an amazing buzz, and a great experience. (Also another mini goal I have set for myself is to go listen to music more).


Another thing that has also kind of confused me is when people ask what my music taste is?! And to be honest I have no idea! I listen to so many different genres of music from the pop charts, Classical, Rock, Indie music, Musical theatre show tunes, Jazz and more that I can’t currently remember. So I just end up answering with ‘I like a lot of different music’ which is such a lame answer. I do love classical music and opera and I have always felt a bit embarrassed to admit I like them. But those kinds of music are so emotive I cant help but love them! I kind of hate the stigma that comes with them.

I think that my love for music was kind of why I also fell in love with dance so much! Through music and movement I found  I could become someone else, tell stories, show emotions and experiences. I think when it works together it’s pretty magical!


Thanks for reading this was a bit of a different blog post to my usual. I felt inspired and just had to write!! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments…

Little Mayfly x

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38 thoughts on “Music..

  1. How true it all rings. You share this feelings with many….I believe. Here is one anyway. Music must be the most direct art form. It would be a very sad day if that direct communication with music disappeared.

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  2. I love music and in high school and at uni I went to a lot of different concerts! I’m hoping to go to the Roskilde Festival one year too!
    I also have a wide variety of taste in music. I love classical music (I used to play piano for many years), musicals (thanks to my mum for taking me to see them with her). & anything & everything else from pop to alternative to electronic.

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  3. Yes music is a healer. And 21 Pilots is one of my favorites of the newer bands. (I am old and have been music loving for over 40 years! 😉) Real music must be kept alive. Encourage and support young people and local music whenever possible.

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      1. Thank goodness for that! I have a crazy thing where I am very sensitive to vibration and at concerts it’s very hard for me to just stand there. I usually end up dancing with whoever is around me or go home with whiplash from head banging but I really don’t know any other way. To stand still is torture for me! 🤘🏼

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  4. I completely relate to your point about listening to a lot of different types of music. I have a friend who fancies himself a real music lover (which he proves by cranking the volume so the whole neighborhood can hear) and he always asks me “what’s your favorite band?” or “what’s your favorite type of music?” I just answer “I don’t have a favorite,” which I think he interprets as my concession that I don’t love music nearly as much as he does. Of course that’s nonsense: I don’t have favorites in music, just like I don’t have favorites in my children.

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