I’ve always liked hats since I was little and I have recently really enjoyed wearing them out and about. This being so I thought I would share with you my little collection. It wasn’t until now that I realised there is a running black theme. Up first my Brixton Fedora!! I have already done a blog post on this one which you can find here A Freaking Fedora…. This one is from https://www.hatsandcaps.co.uk/ Village hats is really good as they have lots of discount codes and offers. They also have pretty much any style and colour of hat you can think of. I wore this Fedora to Cheltenham Races last week and loved the way it looked and finished off my outfit.  I’m hoping to wear this one a bit more as we head into the summer months.


Up next my Baker Boy Hat! This one is from Asos (Click here for link )and is a very popular choice. I’ve seen this one in so many blog posts and Instagram pictures and it looks good on so many different people, so if your after a Baker Boy I highly suggest this one. I haven’t worn this one as much as the others but I would like to wear it more but I find with some outfits and certain jackets I own it doesn’t always look right.

Again from Asos we have my newest edition to the collection a little black beret (Click here for Link). I am still working out how to exactly wear/ position this one on my head. It sometimes sits in a great position and looks good or it decides to slip off or ping off my head. But in general I think it looks pretty cute when I can get it on right, plus it also looks cute with my glasses which doesn’t always happen!! Very rarely do hats and prescription glasses/ non fashion glasses actually look good together.


So that’s my hat collection so far! A bit little and very black. Thanks for taking a look, let me know if you want to see anymore clothing/style posts.

Little Mayfly x


33 thoughts on “Hats…

  1. great and very nice and looks very elegant, I have the same (man) or auturen Fedora hats, and I’ll give you the right thing, everything has to fit together, thank you very much, I will also see to see in your link !!!!! I wish you much success with that !!!!!!

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