My Week In Photos 2…

Around a year ago I posted the first version of this post you can find that here… My Week in Photos… .I really enjoyed taking a photo everyday to mark what I had been up to so I thought I would do it again. It’s so funny looking back at last year post as what I do in a week has changed so much in the past year! A year ago I was at university in rehearsals for my final show and now I’m teaching and working!! So here is my week…

Monday: A little blog planning for the week ahead!!

Tuesday: Nothing like a cup of tea and biscuit after work! I love this biscuit mug so much!!

Wednesday: After a day of work I finally got around to adding a few more things to my travel journal after I finished teaching in the evening.

Thursday: A day of running Errands and taking photos for my hats blog post.

Friday: I didn’t take a photo today as I kind of forgot (oops) but here’s a video of my fire I made at work on Monday! Nothing better then a crackling fire!!

Saturday: After a day of teaching in the day, I spent the evening with my two favourite people laughing, joking and having the best time.

Sunday: I spent the most beautiful day of the year so far with Jack & Jack, we spent most of the day outside in the garden or being surrounded by lambs.

Monday: Little doodles on a Monday? Or was I just procrastinating instead of writing blog posts??


So there you go my week in photos! Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x



27 thoughts on “My Week In Photos 2…

  1. It’s always fun to get sneak peeks of what you get up to during the week 😀 Slightly unrelated, but I love the sound of crackling fire. I had it in my head during that little video and it made me more relaxed haha!

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  2. I love that mug! Your week looks much better than, which was working everyday haha! I’m hoping I can get my shit together over the bank holiday weekend to get ahead with the blog planning! Great post lovely x

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