Polaroid Of The Month…

Another month another polaroid! Where is this year going? It’s really flying by and flying by fast! So here is April’s polaroid of the month…

This polaroid was taken on my Instax 90 polaroid camera with the black film I’ve spoken a little about in the past. This picture is of the picture frame I have hanging up by the side of my bed. I’ve had this poster since I was around 15 it was originally just stuck to my wall with blue tack but I eventually upgraded it into a white wooden frame. During this phase on my life I was a big theatre nerd (and to be honest I still am), and because I took drama at school they were always taking us on trips and so I stuck all my tickets around the edge of the frame.

In the bottom corner you might be able to see a little rose attached to a hanging heart. (In the picture below it may be a little more visible). That little plastic rose has a little story! For my 16th birthday my Mum took me to London to see Chicago my very first ever West End Musical. We sat about two rows from the front in the stalls and it was amazing. At the end Velma and Roxie had bouquets of red roses and they threw some into the audience and one happened to land right in Mums lap. Nearly 6 years later I still have it. Weird the things we keep.

Well that’s this months polaroid of the month! Let me know if you want to see a certain type of polaroid or a polaroid inspired post in the future?

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

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