My Piercings And Tattoos…

So if any of you guys have piercings or tattoos you will know they are addictive! Recently I have felt that little craving deep inside that calls you to need and want another piercing or tattoo to add to the collection. But I haven’t caved in as of yet!! Yet!! I also love reading this kind of post, I kinda like being nosy and taking a look at what everyone’s got. So in homage to that craving I thought I would share with you my current collection of piercings and tattoos.

Lobes: My first ever piercing like most people was my lobes, which I got when I was around 8 or 9? (I think). But for ages I never actually wore earrings in them because of Dance and PE at high school my ears hated me as I kept having to take them out as I wasn’t wearing that nasty ear tape. So only recently have I started using them again and am loving these little hoops from Accessorize.

Right Ear:

Tragus:  Number two was my tragus which I got when I was 16. This is still one of my favourite piercing I have ever had and I healed really well and didn’t actually hurt too much when I got it done:

Faux Rook: Up next my Faux Rook piercing which I think is pretty unique, I did actually do a blog post on this one ages ago which you can find here… Faux Rook Piercing… I posted that ages ago but its still a really popular post of mine! I did have a few issues with this piercing but on the whole it didn’t really hurt and I think it looks super cute with the feather earring.


Left Ear: (the naked ear)

Helix/top of the ear: This is my most recent piercing which I think I got back in around Januaryish kinda time? (I cant remember this was a bit of a YOLO moment). This has probably been my most irritating piercing as it has taken an actual age to heal plus it’s always getting tangled in my hair. I’m loving the little hoop I have in and am so tempted to get another one done so I have two little hoops together.


Belly Button: Now this is my least favourite piercing. But I can’t really be bothered to take it out as its there now. I actually got this done after my first ever boyfriend dumped me which is kinda funny. But I’m not its biggest fan but it can be cute when in a bikini or crop top.



Rib Tattoo: So if you follow my posts recently you will probably know last Novemeber I got my first ever proper tattoo. You can find that post here where I go into more detail. First Tattoo Experience… . I didn’t find that it hurt too bad as I know rib tattoos can be killer so I kind of prepared myself for the worst and anything less than that was good. But I am so in love with it! Smitten! I love him! He just chills under my bra strap like the cool little dude he is! (sorry it’s not the best picture)


Finger Tattoo: You may wonder why I always say that the mouse was my first ever ‘proper tattoo’ and that’s because I gave myself a stick and poke tattoo on my finger when I was bored at uni one night last year. (I don’t condone this, I don’t really advice doing it yourself) I had no issues with it and it healed fine but its not the best idea to do it yourself. That aside even though its only a circle and its faded loads I like really like it. 99% of the time I forget it’s even there and then I catch a glance of It and I’m like ‘ooops yeah I did that’. (I’m just glad my finger didn’t fall off!!)

So there you have it! A little trip around my body mods! I hope you liked this post I’m sure I will update you if I get anymore! There seems to be a running trend of yolo moments with getting more mods. Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments I love hearing your responses!!


Little Mayfly x

32 thoughts on “My Piercings And Tattoos…

    1. I got two helix piercings at once and they were the least painful to get done for me. Healing was the worst part but once I started to do a ten minute soak in warm salt water before cleaning them it was all smooth sailing from there.

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  1. I love your tattoo! It’s so pretty. I only have my ears pierced, but I don’t wear earrings anymore. They bother me and my ears get sensitive and irritated 😦 I would love to get a tattoo though but I’m so indecisive!

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  2. I had my lobe done a while back and you’re right, once you start, it is so addictive! 😛 I’m planning on getting my helix done soon. I’m way too much of a wimp to get tattoos, though! They look so great on you! ❤

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  3. I love the little mouse! Any story behind it or did you just like the look? Growing up my dad called me Mouse. I never thought of getting a tattoo of one but seeing how cute it is, I may consider it. Watch that cartilage hoop! I only wear studs in mine. The hairbrush is a mf’r getting caught in it. And I have to always take them out when I get my hair cut because they always get snagged. When I was 15 I double pierced my cartilage on the left ear with the biggest safety pin I had, an ice cube, and rubbing alcohol. I held the ice cube behind it and just worked the pin in. Never had a problem with it. But when I tried to do the right side, it never healed well so I left it natural. I hear you in wanting more tattoos! I have 9 and that’s not even a dent. Stupid money and adulting. 😩

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    1. Yeah when I used to stay at my grandads house he used to tell a story before we went to bed about a field mouse playing in the wheat. I don’t think I could retell it as good as he could so it’s a little homage to him!
      Yeah I’m being carful and it isn’t too bad so far fingers crossed!
      Yepp If i had the money I would be covered! Thanks for your lovely comment xx


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