High Top Converse…

So I only posted yesterday but I thought I would post again as I was feeling in a bloggy mood. So for a while I’ve wanted some new Converse and I finally caved in and got some when my last pay check came in. Before I have only had the standard white low cut pair so I decided to change it up a little and got some black high tops instead.


I’m really loving them so far, my feet are a pain in the butt in new shoes and blister like crazy, but so far so good. I’m jut trying to wear them little and often to try and wear them in a bit and avoid the dreaded blisters. I ordered these from ASOS for ยฃ55 which is ok for a pair of trainers and plus the delivery was pretty quick. I don’t normally order shoes off the internet as my sizing can really vary, but as I knew my converse size I decided to order.


The weather is also heating up and I am so exciting to start wearing these with summer clothes (fingers crossed that hasn’t jinxed it). I think they will look super cute with shorts and summer tees. I am trying to plan a outfit post so I’m sure they will feature.


Thanks for taking a look at this mini post!

Little Mayfly x



20 thoughts on “High Top Converse…

  1. Awesome! I’ve been a Converse wearer for years now & started off with hi-tops, but then grew to love the classic low tops, which I now find more comfy. The pain in the bum is with the variations on the All Star classics/Oxfords because they can fit slightly differently and aren’t always as comfy.
    These look fab!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Caz x


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