The Job Hunt…

This is the tale of my job hunt! Throughout this story I think I applied for around 200+ jobs in around 10 months (which I think is a lot). Since I graduated in July I have been looking for a decent full time job. I applied for everything from coffee shops and admin positions to clothes shops and cafes. Since returning home I did pretty quickly get a part time job in a local pub, but the hours were long and very unsociable. I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to finish work at 1/2 o’clock in the morning (plus I like to sleep).

I was lucky enough to land myself a dance teaching job in September which I was so so so happy about. Something that I wanted to do when I left university was that I wanted to use my degree in some form or another. To be honest I always said I wanted some professional experience before teaching but I am really loving it so far. Plus the kids seem to respond really well to me. Thanks to my job at the time not wanting to work around my new dance hours I left and went back to the pub I worked at as a teen. They were happy to work around my teaching hours so welcomed me back.

That all happened back in mid September but I still continued my job hunt. Up until last week I had given up hope on finding a better job, but out of the blue after some bad news came a job offer. As of next week I will be an admin junior in ironically a recruitment agency. Something I have never done before but I’m looking forward to giving it a go! They seem up for giving me a chance and giving me experience so I’m looking forward to that. This will also be my first ever 9-5 job so I’m looking forward to that change and having more money coming in.

So there you go it was a long time coming, 10 months coming, but I finally got a new job! I’m sure some graduates fall into work easy but for other I know its a long slog!

Thanks for reading!

Little Mayfly x


39 thoughts on “The Job Hunt…

  1. Congratulations. It was quite a long slog for me. I finished my Masters in September and only landed a job last month. I was getting more and more demoralised as time went on. I love the job I’m doing now but sadly it is only a 6 month contract but I’m trying to enjoy it as it is for now

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  2. Congratulations. It is always a boost to the morale when what has been sought is finally found. I had two texts – it is indeed the digital age – a week ago, two potential jobs, and I was not even looking! I am at the other end of the job search. However, those hunting and those ending often have similar ‘during’ the process issues – how to support oneself in that time. My curiosity is piqued – were you able to stay financially afloat? Anyone else have thoughts? Hm, perhaps I should ask this on my blog.

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    1. I moved back home and pay my parents a small rent and still had some student loan left over, I have been working solidly so I have been able to stay afloat but if I had to pay my own rent electricity and gas I wouldn’t have been able to afford to live! I think it’s a valid question


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