The Bluebell Wood…

If you follow me you will know I love all things spring! Plus one of my all time favourite things is also wild flowers, which go hand in hand! Today me my brother and Ruby the dog took a walk to a local Bluebell wood (and of course the cameras came too!). It may sound silly buy this wood for me holds quite a lot of sentimental value as it was a place my grandparents loved to walk to this time of year. With the odd English weather we have had in the past few months I really didn’t think I would be able to see them in all of their glory this year. But I just managed to catch them as I was afraid they would be over and gone. DSC01248DSC01284

The wood produces the most amazing smell, If I had to describe it its a kind of light pretty fragrance if that makes any sense? It’s so amazing to see so many bluebells in one place. Its almost like a sea of purple blue. So beautiful. It is one of my favourite places to go.


I just love it so much but I do wish they could hang around for longer but then I guess it wouldn’t be so special!


Thanks so much for taking a look! Sorry its another photography kinda blog post I did a bit more of a detailed post on this wood this time last year so you can check that out here…Bluebell Wood…Plus I start my big girl job tomorrow so blog posts may be a little sparse while I get used to it.

Thanks again

Little Mayfly x

18 thoughts on “The Bluebell Wood…

  1. Bluebell woods are so beautiful, I love walking them in spring too. My garden has turned into a Bluebell wood…..they spread like weed but I leave them until they flowered and then remove some. Believe me, they are back the next year.

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