The Crappy Blogger…

I haven’t written or post all week and it’s making me feel like poop. But this I know is all down to the fact I have a new full time job plus I’m still teaching dance as well. But I know that’s not an excuse really! But I know it was going to take a while to get used to, but right now I’m so exhausted! And this is only the first week! I knew I would have less time for extra things I used to do on all my days off but its a lot less time (which I know sounds stupid). Today is the first day this week I have managed to get my laptop out to write, like it might as well have cobwebs on it!!

I feel like a bit of a failure to be honest. I love blogging and I should have made more time for it this week. I have hardly read anyone’s posts or even looked at my blogs Instagram. I loved what I had going with posting 3x a week, my stats were there best they had ever been and this little blog was growing a lot! I was so proud of what I had going during April and I think it was this blogs best month ever!! But I know and will be the first to say stats aren’t everything but when they grow it does make you feel good about what your producing. It’s that little feeling of “Wow people actually want to read this shit!!” wen you see how many views you have on a post. So to look this morning and see how bad this week was I almost feel like I’ve let my blog down, which again is stupid. Stupid because I started this blog just posting whenever and whatever so I guess in that respect I’m sad I have lot that feeling of being spontaneous.

So this was just a post to say I’m sorry and hate to admit it but I’m gunna have to be that crappy blogger for a few weeks whilst I try and get used to more busy hours. I’m sorry if you log on or wait for my posts to be posted you may be waiting a while longer. I think my plan of action is to aim to write one or two really decent posts a week like I used to. Then eventually grow to 3x a week again in the future if I can. But I am going to try harder now I’m starting to settle into work.

Thanks as always,

Little Mayfly x


50 thoughts on “The Crappy Blogger…

  1. Hiya Mayfly, please stop making the blogging a burden. The stats can vary, what is important is that when you send something out it comes from your heart.
    I must be a “crappy” Blogger 😉 as I post only one a week.
    Go and enjoy your day and make little note, it will come handy for next time you blog.

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  2. Recently started reading your blog and really love it – Sometimes work life gets in the way of the things we enjoy the most. I understand I work a 9-6 job Monday – Friday so I feel like I don’t get anywhere in the week with posting – but yanno what I always find the best blog posts that pop up randomly and are un scheduled. They have the best meaning behind them. Just like this one does. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re ace at it. A true natural xox

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  3. I tried to stick to a blogging schedule once. Couldn’t do it. So I applaud you for your dedication. A little break, and you’ll be back in top form meeting the targets that you set for yourself. 🙂

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  4. I completely understand where you are coming from- our blogs become so important to us, that taking a tiny break almost feels like failure. Focus on the break you are giving yourself 🙂 You will come back when you are ready, energised and excited!

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  5. I haven’t been blogging for almost a month and I did feel crappy as well! But you should never blame yourself, people who love your blog will still be here waiting for you to come back!

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  6. I had to take some time out there, so I know how you feel, but time out can be good too – think of it as consolidation, this can be a time when you think about where you want the blog to go in future, you can plan ahead, so it won’t be ‘time lost’

    Good luck with what you have ahead

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  7. A day late from Social Saturday at BUYB and you are a crappy blogger?? Or is that better late than never? I digress…

    I write and that means huge breaks from blogging at any level. Life and balancing new jobs or anything outside of here takes time away. Don’t feel guilty about that and it happens to us all. My stats flip all over and respond to my input across many media sites. If I had nothing else to do then all would be dandy and cool. However I do, so just have to accept blogging ebbs and flows. Whatever you do, don’t, as Theresa said above, put pressure on yourself. It won’t help and will just make you feel blah. A rhythm will come and if time allows just schedule posts in advance 😊

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    1. Yeah I just need to work out a schedule and will make time to write! Just need to find that balance of all my elements! However I am always putting way to much pressure on myself not sure if that will change anytime soon

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      1. I am the same. It’s not a good way to think, but throwing it off is way easier to say than do! My “therapist” talked about balance all the time. Good in theory, but putting it into practice is something entirely different!

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  8. Don’t worry – stats are bound to go down a bit if there are less posts, but people who like your posts will stay around and read whenever you’ve got something to share. It’s always tough when you get a new job because there’s so much to learn and this also takes energy. Don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself a bit of space to adapt and share when you feel like writing something 🙂 X

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  9. Hugs! ❤ I know the feeling. Life/Work can definitely make it hard to keep up with blogging. I feel ya. You have a great blog, though, and we all understand the struggle of not always being able to post as much as you want to. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing great! 😀

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