The Beach Day…

It’s a sunny bank holiday weekend so of course like nearly every other house hold in Britain me and my sister heard the calls of the ocean and had to head to the seaside on a spontaneous adventure. Our closest beach to home is Weston-Super-Mare as we live in Gloucestershire, but due to it being summer no dogs are allowed on the beach so instead we went down the coast to Brean. Plus there is nothing better then seeing lots of pups running around the sand having the best day. Brean has such a huge beach so a little walk away from the hustle and bustle, and you pretty much have a whole beach to yourselves. lrg_dsc01339This year England has had some pretty dodgy weather so to be able to walk barefooted wearing only shorts and t-shirt is a little bit of a novelty. I think it ended up being around 28 degrees yesterday which is very warm for England! It’s funny because in the past I have only ever visited this beach in like November so it was a major contrast. I was listening to the radio on the way to work the other day and they were praising what sea air can do for your body health and mental wise. I can’t remember the exact stats they gave but I know without a doubt I have always felt better breathing in some sea air, so they can’t be far wrong. Plus getting some vitamin D probably did my vampire skin some good after a very long winter.




img_5368In the past I have always spent bank holidays working so it was nice to actually get out and do something! It was lush seeing Ernie running through the sand and rolling in the water. Plus he was so well behaved near all the people and dogs as there was a hell of a lot going on seeing as though he normally has the beach to himself! All in all it was a lush day! And nice to spend some time with my sister as we don’t see much of each other thanks to work and other crazy life commitments. 


Thanks for taking a look! Happy Bank Holiday!!

Little Mayfly x



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