Polaroid Of The Month…

So for May’s edition of ‘Polaroid of the Month’ I picked a polaroid I took two weeks ago on my Land Camera. I hadn’t actually used this camera in ages so it was really nice to crack it out again. Despite it’s old age it’s such a simple camera to use, but it also get’s such beautiful detailed pictures. Plus it look really cool! A man who walked past me and made a comment of ‘Wow I haven’t seen a camera like that in years’. So onto the picture…


If you follow me then you know there is nothing I love more then a landscape photo, made even better If you can get some flowers in it too! I might even stretch to say I think this may be one of my favourite pictures I have taken with this camera yet!! But the picture is one of my favourite places so I may just be being bias?

If you missed last months Polaroid you can find it here… Polaroid Of The Month…

Untill next month…

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

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