Mental Health Awareness Week…

So if you weren’t aware or bored of it by now this week is mental health awareness week and of course I thought I better have my say on the matter!!

If you follow me here you’ll know that I’ve struggled with my mental health a lot in the last few years and if your new I will leave some of my past post links at the end of this post that you can check out! But without that battle I honestly would not be half the person I am today. And why? because It’s taught me a hell of a lot about myself. For a while I was a quiet sufferer I didn’t say anything to anyone thinking it was something I would ‘just get over’ and that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about today.

From a non sufferers point of view a lot of the time they think mental health is a load of poop and that people need to get over themselves (I know this because I’ve been that person). And a lot of people say they suffer from mental health issues when they actually don’t, which also never helps the growing situation. But going past all that a lot of the time people don’t want to admit they are struggling or realise they actually have a problem. I myself just blamed it on homesickness and it wasn’t until my mum said ‘Chlo slow down your not ok’ did I realise ‘Oh shit I don’t think I’m ok either’ (there was a lot more to it then that!). I don’t know if I am right to assume but I’ve come to realise people with some mental issues become very good at putting on a mask. A mask which hides all the mess your really feeling. A mask which helps you get through the day, that is until you peel it off and it all turns to crap again! It’s that way people suffer in silence!

What I am really actually trying to say is don’t be afraid to speak up and say something! Something little or big! Without realising it you have a web of people around you who really care about you no matter how much you’ve tried to push them away, or hidden in your bed because you don’t want to face the world. Just a little chat with a family member, close friend or someone you don’t even know could actually help you out and like me without you realising they’ve realised your struggling too! I guess just talk about it is what I’m trying to say, I know it isn’t always easy but it honestly does help!

So there you go there’s my preaching for the day/week! Keep the mental health talk going! If you want to check out a really good place with lots of info Mind are an amazing charity who have such a good website! Below I will link in a few of my past blog posts of my personal story of you wanted to check it out!

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression 2…

Anxiety & Depression 3…

(And more if you take a look in catagories)

Lots of love

Little Mayfly x

107 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week…

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  2. i see people focus more on buying a new electronic gadget or a fashion accessory but they do not realize how important it is to take care of our mental health. Not just ours but we should always be kind to the people around us as no one knows whats going on in someones life and one harsh comment or an act of unkindness could make things worst for them.

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