BalletBoyz ‘Fourteen Days’…

On Monday I went to the theatre and watched the all male dance company BalletBoyz perform their most recent pieces in ‘Fourteen Days’. The company described the performances as ‘a manifestation of curiosity’. The first half of the performance was made from 4 sections that the company created in ’14 days’ hence the name of the production! Each section was created by four different choreographers and design teams, so the four pieces ended up being very different. After the interval the company performed ‘Fallen’ one of their most famous current pieces, which they have won multiple awards for.

Up first was ‘The Title is in the Text’ choreographed by Javier De Frutos. This wasn’t my favorite of the four but I loved the concept of the seesaw. I thought it showed the balance and imbalance of life with elements of status too. It was good but I want too sure on the voice repetition as I felt it didn’t really fit the rest of the vibe. The second piece was ‘Human Animal’ choreographed by Ivan Perez. The circular repetition of hops, prances, skips and jumps was incredible! Their legs must have been burning like crazy by the end. So so so much stamina!!! And I’m pretty sure they jumped off stage straight into a calf stretch because that was a hell of a lot of leg work!! Third in the programme and I think my favorite of the first 4 pieces was ‘US’ choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon. It was so good! Sometimes the right combination of elements creates something so good. The combination of music, lighting and the choreography was just beautiful. It showed how strong and connected the male body can be. The movement content was so so good. So good in fact I can’t get the words out right. Finally in the first half was ‘The Indicator Line’ choreographed by Craig Revel Horwood most famously known as the mean judge from Strictly Come Dancing.This one again showed so much masculinity but for me I found that just as it got going it finished. I think maybe I wanted it to carry on for a bit longer as there was a strong narrative to the piece.

After the interval the cast preformed their popular piece ‘Fallen’ 2013, Choreographed by Russell Maliphant. As a whole piece it was really intense with only a few let ups through out the dance. The tribal esk music was very very powerful and made me feel so on edge. But the combination of lifts, counter balances and transfers of weight were flawless. I also loved the use of an empty performance space and the lighting design concept by Michael Hulls was stunning!! The occasional silhouetted moment and the use of greenery teal coloured lighting really enhanced the themes being presented.

Overall I actually really loved it but I don’t think it would be everyone’s cup of tea! The strength and endurance of those dancers was amazing! I bow down to them! It was a very contemporary performance so was very open to interpretation and a bit weird which I know not everyone likes. I like to be able to look at a work and decide for myself the meaning and feeling to it. I took Jack with me and he had never seen a dance performance before and even he liked it! Think it showed him what dance can actually be and as we aren’t all pansies who stand and twiddling our hands around.

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

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