Eating & Anxiety…

Most people who know me will know I have a massive appetite and I love food! I’m not fussy at all! Any food, any flavor I’m pretty much always up for it!! But over the past two years eating out has become something I’ve actually really struggled with. And I am writing to kind of question/wonder if anyone else has experienced/had trouble with this?

To me the thought of getting anxious when I eat/eating out seems so so so stupid, that I can’t really put into words. And plus it hits you when you don’t expect, you can be sat fine one minute but the next feel so panicked and anxious. I could be my fine normal self and be really hungry and the second a plate of food is put in front of me I panic and just feel so sick at the thought of eating anything. Or I’ve started to eat and almost panic half way through (Its odd). And to be completely honest with you guys a lot of times I have had to go and be sick just to get rid of some of that stomach churning sickness feeling.

To be honest I am not sure what actually triggers the feeling of ‘I can’t eat this, or I feel like I will panic and be sick if I eat this’. I’ve wondered before if it’s the pressure of eating all the food as I was always brought up to eat everything as you don’t want to waste any, or I’ve paid for that so eat it. But then I mostly feel like this when I’m eating out so I’ve wondered if it is the pressure of being in a new environment? And normally you eat out with different people so maybe it’s that almost self-consciousness that pushes me over the edge. Because I do know that if a restaurant or pub is on the warm side or there is pressure to order I probably will feel like this (which again feels so stupid). I thought I had gotten over this eating panic thing by picking smaller portions or simple food I know I will like, but the past few weeks its happened once or twice. I mean I can calm myself down and normally head to the toilet for a little breather from it. Like the other day when I went for sushi I was having the best time, I got a little full and some sushi is big and it was a lot to fit in my mouth, I had a mini panic so off I went to the toilet for a breather and I was then ok. But I find myself I almost get angry with myself for letting myself feel like that because I know I’m ok and there is no reason to panic.

It’s odd and annoying and I don’t know if this make any sense as it’s a weird thing and this is such a brain fart post? But I kinda wrote this in hope that someone else feels/gets like this? Let me know in the comments?

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x


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28 thoughts on “Eating & Anxiety…

  1. Lovely!! You are NOT alone with this I promise you… I am not a fussy eater at all, in fact theres nothing I don’t like! Since I’ve become more anxious and my anxiety has come on a lot stronger my eating habits have worsened. Now I’m travelling I’ve been okay I haven’t really worried about much BUT before I left I wouldn’t eat until I got home in the evening because of how anxious I was.

    Because I have a big appetite and love to eat (eat out) I often worry people will think I’m eating too much, it’s sad and I agree very frustrating!!

    Becky – x x

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  2. I love going to restaurants, but it can get overwhelming! you have to look at a huge menu & pick what you want so quickly 🙈 for me eating half & taking the rest home for lunch the next day helps! then I don’t feel pressure to finish or feel like I’m wasting food. thank you for sharing this 💛

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      1. I always do that rather than overeating or feeling stuffed. I get it packed rather than throwing it away. It might also be that you want to loose weight and considering food as a culprit that makes you fat. That guilt of eating unhealthy food maybe stopping you from enjoying your hard earned much deserved meal. You need to love food to enjoy eating it and let your body accept it and nourish you from within. Try take outs eat at home to know whether it’s because of the food or people around. Whatever you choose to do go easy on yourself without questioning your behaviour.

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  3. I feel like this. I actually haven’t eaten out in almost a decade because whenever I go, the sounds and lights and just having so many people around just makes it impossible for me to eat without feeling sick. I also get super self conscious about how I eat, if I eat too much, or if I’m messy and I just don’t want to bring any attention to myself but I just induce a panic attack instead. I have no idea why this happens but it’s really frustrating.

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  4. One suggestion, rather than heading to the washroom for the break would it be more helpful to step outside? Cubicles, sinks etc. may notch any anxiety up. When I suffered panic attacks (not food/eating related) getting to even just an open window always helped. As did walking and shaking it off . (I realize doing the hand shaking and breathing deeply could be a problem in public)

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  5. I had a phase where I had very bad reactions to gluten products, but before I knew it was gluten causing it- I was scared to eat pretty much anything in fear that I’d have an attack (it was like heartburn but 1000% worse with other symptoms).

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  6. i get so anxious about eating in social situations. i actually lose weight when I’m away on vacations or even at college because i can’t bring myself to overcome my anxiety and eat like a normal person

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  7. Sending lots of love and hugs to you…. I’m rather different with eating it’s like I love food! I actually really enjoy food and never had a problem with it….but I get embarrassed if people see me eat…. I really don’t know it’s weird like when I used to come to work I’d hide my lunch in my bag… or put my bag up in front of everyone and hide my head behind my bag and eat…. I’ve always been a self conscious eater… 😦 – eating out still makes me anxious every now and then and I think it depends on who I’m with…. it’s not as bad as it used to be though xoxox

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  8. It does make sense, although I have no clue as how to help you 😦 I know I am anxious about eating, especially out, because there are many things I can’t eat and I always dread the effects the food will have on my body later. My body doesn’t appreciate new stuff, spicy stuff.. And eating with people around is difficult because I hate showing I don’t feel good.

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  9. ive gotten panicked around food. but i have an ed that sometimes rears its ugly head. i know you dont have an ed, but your right its probably the pressure of eating out, with people looking at you etc. hope it gets easier…

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  10. So glad i stumbled upon this! You are not alone, i have almost the exact same thing. I love food but as soon as i eat out or am in a big group of people i am often completely put off my food and feel extremely sick. I struggle with anxiety so i think the two are defiantly related – i find that putting something cool on my neck often helps and pressing the inside of my wrists for a few minutes as that is meant to help reduce the feeling of nausea x

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  11. The journey of self reflection that you’ve taken is admirable. I am a young therapist myself and it helps me so much to hear such raw and honest self commentary. I’ve begun a blog and my hope is to capture exactly what you talk about and that is the resiliency of the individual Hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed yours and we can both spread our messages!

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