So a few weeks ago I put out a blog posts idea post and one of the most requested/wanted blog post was an update on the lambs. I first posted about the Lambs back in March you can find that post here.. Lambingโ€ฆ. To be honest I cant blame you for wanting an update! Who doesn’t want to see a blog post full of cute lambs! But cute little lambs they are no more, they are proper little chunks now! Here are some photos I took at the weekend…


They are the cheekiest little guys!! And such posers!! In the first picture you can see three lines of white fence in the background. They are actually suppose to be the other side of the fence but the little shits broke through to get to the better grass.


I love that last picture they look like a picture from a boyband album cover.

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x


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