Polaroid Of The Month…

So for June’s ‘Polaroid Of The Month’ I have picked a very summery picture! I actually took this one last month when I went to the beach. (I blogged about it Here!) I took this polaroid again on my 330 Land Camera it was such a beautiful day I had to take a camera with me. Plus it’s not everyday I get to go to the beach. From the look of it you would have thought it was August bank holiday not early May. But when I took a picture of this polaroid to show you guys I managed to get me and my phone in it too (Ooops sorry about that). img_5690.jpg

Like last month, I think this is again one of the better Polaroid’s I have taken on this camera (I may be getting the hang of it?). This was my last bit of film for this camera so I am going to have to find some more as it is now discontinued. Which now makes it very expensive. They are such lovely photos so I hope someone decides to make film for these cameras again.


So that’s this Polaroid for this month! What’s your favourite thing to do on a beach day??

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x




14 thoughts on “Polaroid Of The Month…

  1. We’re planning to visit the beach this weekend – I love dipping my toes in the water and walking along the sand! This is a lovely polaroid, it looks so peaceful and I like the nostalgic quality it has.

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