GoApe Adventure…

So last Sunday I went to GoApe in the Forest Of Dean with Jack his friend and his girlfriend. If you haven’t heard of GoApe before they are a company who create treetop adventures using zip lines, Tarzan jumps and different crossing. Now I’ve always been a little wobbly when it comes to heights so I was a little cautious about going! You had a mini training session then you were off on your own around the course (Ahhhhh)!!

I really surprised myself! I mean I did hold onto every tree I could! And by hold I mean cling to but by the end I was really getting the hang of it. They had so many different crossings and elements to the course such as wooden planks, hanging steps (that wobbled a lot) and a tunnel you had to crawl through! The tunnel for me was the worst thing!! It was made out of planks so had massive gaps in it and I don’t think it helped that jack kept wobbling it! I think that was the worst thing about the course!

I had the best day and proved to myself that I can do things! I will include the link to GoApe’s website HERE so you can take a look at your nearest site (I think it may be uk only??)

Thanks for taking a look!

Little Mayfly x

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