Poetic License Gin Review…

Gin is really fashionable at the moment. Even my friends who have never shown interest in Gin before are hooked on pink & flavored Gins. Sunday before last I went to the Three Counties Show a farming show I have been to pretty much every year I’ve been alive! In one of the food tents they had so many different brands of alchol and all different types of food you could try and buy from meat, nuts and toffee vodka.

I was firstly draw to this one stall because of the packaging (which is probably the worst way to actually judge something on). The company were called Poetic License Distillery and are based on the North-East coast line of the UK. I know in life you shouldn’t base your judgements of something on how pretty it is BUT… Poetic License have hit the nail on the head with the designing of their products. The bottles in which they sell their Gin’s in are like potion bottles you find on a witch’s shelf. I really love the use of a cork stopper and the shape of the bottles are so unique, in comparison to other gins I have seen. It almost gives of vintage vibes which I am so there for plus If a product looks good, well you’ve pretty much sold it to me!

But I know you shouldn’t just look at a good Gin but consume it! I sampled the companies Picnic Gin which is Strawberry and cream flavoured. I tried that with what I think was elderflower tonic (The pretty bottles were distracting me at the time so I can’t remember). It was really good! Very summery, refreshing and really tasty. Some other pink fashionable kind of gins I have tired have tasted like fake fruit if that makes sense, almost artificial in flavour which I have enjoyed as much (because who wants to eat plastic fruit right?).  The taste to this one was much more natural. We ended up buying two of the mini bottles, one Picnic Gin and one Old Tom Gin that jack sampled. The Old Tom Gin almost had a whiskey taste to it which was really warming. We then went home and spent the afternoon drinking our new tipples in the garden.

I would defiantly buy from poetic license again and not just because of the packaging but because it’s bloody good gin! I think next time I would try there original gins without selective flavouring as I like ordinary Gin and tonic anyway.

What’s your favourite kind of tipple? Or are you a 2018 summer flavoured Gin fan?

Thanks for taking a look.

Little Mayfly x

13 thoughts on “Poetic License Gin Review…

  1. I don’t drink alcohol at all, but this looks and sounds almost good enough for me to want to try it. Especially the combination of strawberry and elderflower, those two go great together. x

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  2. These look and sound magical and delicious! I have yet to find any flavored gin here in the northeast US – but I”m definitely on the lookout. A couple of Christmases ago I made my own cranberry-infused gin which actually turned out pretty good, so I’m betting the gin not made in a small apartment kitchen over a couple of days would taste fantastic! 😉

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  3. Oooo this has made me thirsty! Also love the packaging, very funky. Will have to make a note of this to try over the summer as I’d like to branch out to something a little different than my usual go-to whiskey and vodka brands. When I was younger I used to think I hated gin because G&Ts always tasted vile..turned out I liked gin, but absolutely hated tonic! 🙂

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