Panic Attacks…

I haven’t done this in a while but a thing happened and I had to write about it to get it off my chest… Whilst at Unversity I had quite a few panic attacks and since coming home I have had like next to none! It had been ages since my last one that was untill this Sunday. I’m not quite sure why or how it happened? That’s the odd thing about panic attacks I am never quite sure what factor sets them off exactly? They just come over you like a huge huge wave! And you can’t control it!

I was feeling good Sunday morning I got up showered did my hair and makeup nice whilst I had the chance and off was sat chatting to my family before I went off shopping. So a pretty standard Sunday morning. I was almost in a too good of a mood I was really happy. Off I went shopping and picked up an armful of clothes. As soon as I walked into the changing room I felt off. I put it down to it being hot. I mean who isn’t dead in this heat?? England what’s up! I tried on a few of the items I had and then just became overcome with heat. And then the panic hit. I just had to get out. To cut a long story short I then panicked in the car for like 10 mins with a guy staring at me until I could drive to somewhere quieter to calm down some more. Then I drove home and slept for like an hour!

I think overall I am more annoyed at the fact it happened. As it hasn’t happened in ages. But I don’t want it to happen again, I feel as if I am now waiting for it! I don’t know! It’s frustrating. It’s kind of knocked me down a bit. I feel like a breeze could knock me over or something. I just feel out of sorts like I’ve been knocked off my tracks and need putting back on.

Thanks if you read this, and if you made it to the end. Onwards and upwards from here. And if your a friend sorry for neglecting you recently.

Little Mayfly x

31 thoughts on “Panic Attacks…

  1. Have you ever had your vitamin levels checked? I have experienced regular panic attacks over the course of many years, and recently they discovered I had a critical lack of vitamin D so I got put on supplements of 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 and that has lowered the rate of panic attacks significantly. They assume my body just didn’t know how to signal the deficiency and was just freaking itself out. It is technically a hormone so it is very important for our health.

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    1. I also used to have panic attacks – haven’t had one in about 2-3 years – but mine were due to low iron levels. I’ve always been anemic or boarderline anemic because I don’t eat a lot of red meat (hardly ever), heavy periods and workout quite a bit. Low iron (I believe) was the culprit and once I got that under control, my attacks have gone away.
      I feel for you – they are terrible, hit you out of nowhere, and are very difficult to control (not to mention embarassing). I’ve had a number of them but two of the worst; one was on an airplane (had to chug a beer to calm down) and one was on public transit. Definitely get your levels checked to see if that could be the culprit! I wish you the best. xx

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  2. I hope you’re okay, I get the same feeling of frustration after I’ve had a panic attack if its been a while since my last one, it happened at work the other day. No matter how many you have, they never get any easier. Sending all the virtual positivity possible ❤

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  3. I started having panic attacks in my late 30’s for no apparent reason. It usually happened while driving to work, 60 miles an hour! I finally got help thru my family doctor and, after trying different medicines and different combinations of medicines, I’ve been panic-attack-free for decades. There is help out there.

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  4. Such incidents bring with them lot of insecurity and a feeling of back to square one. I have been there for more than 10 or 12 years I had no epileptic attack though I was on regular medication and was taking life easy and then I got married, with the increased set of responsibilities and cutting down on time with my friends and family and so many compromises, I took toll on my health and had a relapse of epilepsy and God it was severe and without a strong loving support it crushed and shattered me. All the years I spent convincing myself I am just like any other kid just that I had to pop few pills a day, the bubble got burst. I hope you go on to become stronger and confident again.
    Much love 💕

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve had similar (but minor in retrospect) attacks when I feel like I’m overheating- mostly like my ears are full of some sort of hot liquid. It’s scary and I hate that it seemingly comes out of nowhere. I hope it doesn’t happen again to you 💛

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  6. Yoga and some relaxing massages really help too! I have a history of bad bad anxiety, yoga and massages helped me a lot. I had also observed closely food and drinks that I consumed, I realized caffeine (especially coffee) and too much sugar really messes me up. May you never have to go through this again!

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  7. I’m sorry you had to go through that, I know how scary and draining panic attacks can be. Take pride in the fact it has been a while since your last one and hopefully as you get older, they will get fewer and fewer. xx


  8. I can 100% relate to this, panic attacks are the worst. I never had them until about 5 years ago when I was travelling. It came out of nowhere and even thought I have had a few since, I hate them with a passion. Hopefully it was just the heat, but like you say onwards and upwards xxx


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